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How Bed Bugs Harm Your Health!

Are you aware of the harmful effects of bed bugs? Bed bug infestation is another scary thing after rat infestation. The name of these bugs is cimex lectularius. These insects suck human blood during the night.

After a bug sucks blood, its body size expands several times. They can hide and breed almost anywhere in your house. Beds, shelves, walls, they live in almost all corners of your home.

Most of us think that bed bugs are a result of lack of cleanliness. But a house can be infested if bed bugs can get there. If you have stayed in a hotel that's infested, bugs may get into your clothes and luggage and reach your house.

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Even train travel, air travel or bus travel can also get bed bugs into your place. So, you don't need to blame your cleanliness at home.

Though bed bugs are not dangerous, they do pose certain health risks. Here are the harmful effects of bed bugs.



This is one of the dangers of bed bugs. Bed bugs cause allergic reactions. Some people who are hypersensitive to bed bugs could even experience anaphylactic shock which is very dangerous our blood pressure suddenly drops and your airways narrow, possibly blocking normal breathing.


When a bed bug bites, you tend to feel the itching sensation. When you scratch the itchy area more, germs transfer into the cuts in the skin and cause infection. Generally, bed bugs bite when you are asleep. So, you tend to unconsciously scratch the area.

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Breathing Problems

This is one of the dangers of bed bugs. The air inside the house infested by bed bugs contains the the skins shed by bugs, the fecal matter of bugs and other bacteria.

These allergies could worsen the symptoms of asthma and may also cause breathing difficulties.

Social Isolation

Bed bug infestation could also cause other negative effects like social isolation and inferiority complex. Firstly, others might not come to your house even for a coffee if they know that your house is infested. Also, you may reduce social life if your bags or clothes are infested.

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If there are bed bugs in your room, you may even lose sleep and stay awake for the whole night. So, bed bugs generally cause insomnia too.


Bed bugs don't cause anemia. But if a person lives in bed bug infested house for years, the chances of suffering anemia may increase.


Yes, even anxiety is in the list of hazards of bed bugs. Once your house is infested with bed bugs, you may gradually develop anxiety, depression, irritability, poor appetite and lack of concentration.

Also, as bed bugs cause sleep deprivation and itchiness on skin, they can hit your immunity levels and cause stress.

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