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10 Foods That Can Make You Sick

By Ipsasweta
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Foods can turn out to be very shocking and surprising at times. The same vegetable which can be beneficial individually, can be bad when consumed with another food item. Food poisoning is horrible and can be potentially life threatening. The problems are relatively rare but that does not change the fact that these can't happen to you.

The key is to beware and eat smartly rather than binge eating anything and everything to have a maintained and balanced body health.

Here are 10 shocking vegetables that can cause food poisoning or make you sick, so beware!


#1 Leafy Vegetables

Yes, you read it right. Doesn't it feel like your whole life was a lie? There is no denying that leafy vegetables have a lot of health benefits for our body but only when consumed in the right manner. These green vegetables may be contaminated by manure or just dirty hands even before you have purchased it. So be careful to wash them thoroughly before consuming it. There has been thousands of outbreaks due to contaminated greens that has affected thousands of people.


#2 Eggs

This breakfast food has been often associated with food poisoning due to the bacteria content. The bacteria lurk inside the eggs and infect the human body if the egg is raw. So proper cooking is the key to consume eggs in a healthy manner. Avoid eating products that have raw egg as an ingredient. Refrigerating eggs before eating is also a good idea to avoid infections.

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#3 Meat

Needless to say, meat has a number of bacteria dwelling on it, which can spoil real quick if not preserved properly. Chicken and beef were major causes of a number of outbreaks in various parts of the world. Uncooked or partially raw meat can cause a number of diseases. It is important to clean the meat and cook it thoroughly to avoid any infection.


#4 Tuna

Tuna is the staple diet of people who reside near the coast. No doubt it is a very healthy source of various fatty acids that enhance the health of your body but this fish can be contaminated by scombrotoxin that can cause flushing, headaches and cramps. It is very important to store the fish in optimal temperatures, as the toxins will release otherwise and it can't be killed during cooking as well. It is important to store the fish in optimal temperatures to avoid poisoning.


#5 Oysters

Oysters are best known for eating off the junk or filter feeding on the ocean beds. This clearly implies that oysters can be potentially contaminated if the water itself is. Oysters can also be easily contaminated while handling and it should be cooked properly in order to remove the germs present in it. The germs like norovirus can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.


#6 Potatoes

This comes off as the most shocking food in the list! A properly cooked potato is very safe to consume and, in fact, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. But watch out for a potato salad that has been prepared in a deli. The potato can easily contract the germs from the meat and be contaminated. Potato can cause illnesses due to germs like Listeria, which are present in them.

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#7 Cheese

Cheese is anyway made by fermenting the dairy product, so the good bacteria present in it can always turn bad. Most people get sick by eating cheese at home itself. It can be contaminated with bacteria like Salmonella, which can cause miscarriages. Pregnant women should avoid feta or Mexican-style soft cheese.


#8 Ice Cream

Who does not love ice cream? It serves as a great dessert and is lip smacking. But sadly, ice cream has been linked with a lot of outbreaks due to the presence of various bacteria like Salmonella and Staphylococcus. The egg content in ice cream can mix with the bacteria and cause a potential damage to the person.


#9 Tomatoes

You might have just heard about the good effects of tomatoes in losing weight or in increasing immunity, but this fruit is the main reason for food-borne illnesses. The main culprits are Jalapenos and Serrano peppers. The lettuce and tomato that are the main filling of burgers and sandwiches can cause the infection. To prevent this, just wash your hands thoroughly and the foods too in order to prevent infections.


#10 Berries

It is not very surprising that berries are allergic to a lot of people. These berries include strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. The frozen berries consist of a lot of bacteria that can cause serious life-threatening diseases. The germ called Cyclospora causes severe diarrhoea, dehydration and cramps.

These foods have to be consumed properly in order to prevent any infection or poisoning resulting from the consumption.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 22:00 [IST]