Surprising Facts About Asthma You Need To Know

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Asthma is a chronic illness which affects your airways. The airways are the pipes that carry air in and from your lungs. The muscles of the bronchial walls tighten, and cells in the lungs develop additional mucus further narrowing your airways. This might cause minor wheezing to severe difficulty in respiration.

asthma facts you need to know

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Today, here in this article we shall discuss certain things that many people do not know about asthma. Read on to know more.

Asthma might occur at all ages, although it is more common in younger people. Many environmental risk factors are linked with asthma. Irritants found at work might lead to an individual developing asthma.

asthma facts you need to know

Exposure to different substances and irritants might trigger your asthma symptoms. Smoking worsens asthma. Smoking during pregnancy significantly increases the potential risk of the baby developing asthma.

asthma facts you need to know

Individuals who have a family history of asthma have a higher risk of developing the disease. Adult asthma might develop following a viral infection, an ailment called gastro esophageal reflux illness that causes heartburn and may worsen asthma symptoms, especially during the night.

Here are certain things that we do not know about asthma. Allergies and asthma are interlinked. If you are allergic to certain things, then be careful, as these could trigger an asthma attack.

asthma facts you need to know

Many people have observed that their asthma symptoms increase when they exercise or do some kind of heavy activity. Also, some people have observed that the cold air in which they exercise triggers their asthma.

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Many women say that their asthma attacks get worse during PMS. Researchers are still working to find out why and say that it might be due to fluctuations in the oestrogen level during this time.

asthma facts you need to know

Stress and anxiety attacks have been found to trigger asthma attacks. Some people say that when they cry or get very angry, they get asthma attacks.

Some people say that an acid reflux triggers asthma attacks in them.

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