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Why Tight Socks Is Dangerous

Are tight socks bad? Soon after you come home from office, the first you try to do is removing your footwear along with the socks. Your legs feel relaxed soon after you get rid of the socks. Your skin on your feet begins to breathe and feels good.

And if you have been using a pair of very tight socks, then you may also notice swelling on your skin where the socks end.

Loose socks don't look good. But wearing very tight socks is very unhealthy too. Here are some dangers of tight socks.


Effects Of Tight Socks

Tight socks cold impact your blood circulation. When circulation in the legs gets affected, you tend to feel uneasy. You may also suffer swelling in the area. This is one of the first effects of tight socks.


Does It Cause Varicose Veins?

It could raise the risk of varicose veins. In those who are already suffering from varicose veins, tights socks could worsen the condition.


Does It Risk Of Edema?

Though it is tough to believe, tight socks could also raise the risk of edema. It is nothing but swelling due to the accumulation of fluids. Edema could result in swollen legs and feet.


Does It Cause Numbness?

Tight socks could also make your legs and feet numb. If your job involves sitting for long hours then it could make your numbness worse.


It Can Cause Athlete's Foot

Even tight socks or shoes could be a reason for athlete's foot. Are you wondering how? Well, the fungus that causes athlete's foot can breed well if there is dampness. Tight shoes and socks can trap sweat and offer ideal conditions for the fungus to thrive.


Lines On Skin

Tight socks create lines on the skin known as sock band lines. Those lines are formed in the area where the socks holds the skin tightly. The toughness could cause redness and irritation on the skin.


What To Wear?

Use socks made of 100% cotton. Avoid synthetic materials. Use socks that fit properly. If they are too tight, they leave red lines on skin. If you notice those lines, then stretch the socks to loosen the elasticity. This will reduce their tightness.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 14:52 [IST]
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