7 Warning Signs That Your Appendix Could Burst!

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Many of us would have heard of people having their appendix removed through minor surgeries, right? Well, did you know that our body gives us a few warning signs before an impending health complication that we must never ignore?

The human body is like an all-knowing entity that can warn us before something dangerous is about to happen, however, many of us do not possess enough information about our bodies, so we tend to ignore these signs, thus exposing ourselves to diseases.

For instance, before the onset of a viral flu, many people experience warning symptoms like, headache, cold, etc. If we take precautionary measures right then, the flu can actually be avoided!

Now, we know that our body contains a number of organs, including the certain organs like the gallbladder and the appendix, whose functions are unknown, and they are not very important for the function of the body.

There is a condition known as appendicitis, in which the appendix can become inflamed and rupture. Here are a few signs that tell you, your appendix could burst.


1. Acute Stomach Pain

If your stomach has started to hurt more than ever, without any apparent reason, especially in the lower abdominal region, it could mean that your appendix might rupture.


2. Nausea

If you have been experiencing nausea on a daily basis, even though your digestion is fine and you have no other causes, do get your appendix scanned.


3. Vomiting

Another sign that tells you that your appendix is about to burst is if you have been vomiting frequently, without a solid reason like pregnancy, stress or indigestion.


4. Loss Of Appetite

If you do not feel hungry at normal intervals and if you feel like you do not want to eat, it could mean that your appendix is about to burst, as the inflammation in that area could induce an appetite loss.


5. Frequent Urination

Since the appendix is located near the lower pelvis, near the bladder, inflammation of the appendix can also affect the bladder and irritate it, causing frequent urination.


6. Fever

If your lower abdominal pain and nausea are coupled with a fever and chills, it could mean that your appendix is about to rupture, as the inflammation can induce a fever.


7. Disorientation

Any infection in the body can travel to your brain through the blood stream and cause disorientation, so if the appendix is infected and is about to rupture, it can also cause this symptom

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