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10 Easy Couple Workout Ideas

By Ipsa Sweta Dhal

When it comes to exercise, the magic number might be two - as in your partner plus you. Studies have shown that people workout longer and harder when they have company. It also helps to boost their endorphin level as compared to the individual workout sessions.

Couple workouts can drive the monotony of exercising and add a spark to the overall workout experience. Apart from that, it also helps to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Here are 10 easy couple workout ideas. Take a look.


#1 Hit The Weight Room Together

Your partner and you can go to the weight section of your gym together. You can try to lift weights together and your partner is going to be there if it becomes too heavy. Apart from that, you will be driven to do more because of your partner's presence. It's a great way to pump each other's energy level.


#2 Be Partners For Acroyoga!

Yoga has a lot of health benefits and doing it with your partner will help to strengthen the intimacy level and bonding. You can use your partner to do stretching. Acroyoga enables you to put your body weight on your partner and it results in building more trust in between the both of you.


#3 Do Rock Climbing Together

Rock climbing enables you to build almost an unbreakable trust between you and your partner, as climbing requires your partners' support both literally and figuratively. The activity is also good for communication and your partner helps you in directing the next step.

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#4 Do A Circuit Workout!

If you find gym to be monotonous, then circuit workout might be your thing.

All you have to do is use your body weight. Do a set of push-ups and planks. This will build a healthy competition between your partner and you and motivate you to extend your time.


#5 Go For A Quick Run

We know many celebrity couples who participate in marathons. Running is simply the best way to shed those extra calories and enjoy the process.

When you have a partner with you, it helps to break the monotony and you can explore new places around.


#6 Hike The Hills

If you are not too much for running, then hiking might be an interesting option for you. Hiking involves a lot of cardio and strengthening exercises that help you tone all the extra fats. You can also explore a new trail or go to the usual one. You will feel energised and close to nature. You can show your athletic side and put on weighted vests too if you want!


#7 Play Double Tennis

If you want some fun and competition to be added to your workout regime, you can give doubles tennis a shot. Doubles are fun because you will be working together as a couple to beat another couple. This will increase the bond between you both. You will also be more focused towards each shot and losing wont' be an option.

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#8 Hop On A Bicycle For A Quick Ride

Instead of driving around and exploring any place, hop on to a bicycle and enjoy the ride. It is very casual and usually fun, as it helps you to take you to places as well as exercise on the way. Cycling is a great cardio exercise and 30 minutes of it can burn around 350 calories.


#9 Try A Leg In Salsa!

For all the dance lovers out there, get ready to do a sensual and intimate workout. Salsa is the sexiest form of dance and it surely is going to increase the intimacy between you and your partner. If you want to try some more intensive dance forms, you can try Zumba. All these dance exercises allow you to enjoy yourself even during the workout.


#10 Go For A Swim

If it's the scorching heat of summers, taking a dip is not at all a bad idea. Swimming burns a lot of calories than most of the land exercises, as double the effort is required to do exercises in water. You can enjoy the cool water and shake a leg and arm to lose those calories. Vary your strokes, however, so as to add more fun to this activity!

So, working out together has a lot of benefits on an overall basis. So, stop being such couch potatoes and go ahead and involve yourself in some activity.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 22:00 [IST]
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