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What Does Your Breasts Say About Your Health?

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In today's world, a woman's breasts have become more of a fashion statement than a body part!

Yes, a woman's mammary glands are glorified and glamourised to such an extent that we sometimes forget it is just another appendage of a woman's body, a very useful one at that.

More and more people are going in for breast enhancement surgeries and breast lifts because the society has created a notion that women with bigger breasts are any day more attractive.

Mammary glands are nothing but a pair of exocrine glands in women that produce milk in order to feed the offspring.

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The breasts of a woman mainly contain subcutaneous fat tissues and a network of ducts that produce milk, after a lady gives birth to a child.

If you want to maintain your health and prevent diseases, it is important to know your body well and have the ability to notice small changes and abnormalities in different parts of your body, so that they can be tested immediately.

Did you know that the size, shape, density, etc., of your breasts say a lot about your health? Well, have a look at what they convey, below!


1. Are They Getting Bigger?

If you feel that your breasts are suddenly increasing in size, even though your weight is constant, you could have certain hormonal imbalances or you could also be pregnant!


2. Are They Getting Smaller?

If there is a sudden reduction in the size of your breasts, it could mean that you may be experiencing stress or certain disorders like PCOS or hypothyroidism.


3. Are They Sensitive?

If your breasts are feeling sensitive, swollen and tender, it could either be the symptoms of PMS or pregnancy. If there is no possibility of both, then you must surely get screened for breast cancer!


4. Irritation Under The Breast

If you are experiencing itchiness or irritation under your breast, it could mean a sign of allergy, skin infections or excessive sweat accumulation.


5. Stretch Marks On The Breasts

If you notice stretch marks on your breasts, do not worry too much, as stretch marks in that area are quite common if you have gained or lost a lot of weight.


6. Do They Feel Lumpy?

If you come across tiny lumps or bumps when you feel your breasts, it is time you got yourself checked for breast cancer, as lumps are one of the major signs of that disorder!


7. Hair Around The Nipples

If you notice hair growth around your nipples, there is no reason to be alarmed; however, if the hair growth is more than normal, then do get tested for PCOD.


8. Discharge From The Nipples

If you notice a thick, milky discharge leaking out of your nipples, it sometimes can happen when you are sexually aroused or it can also be a side effect of certain medications.

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