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What Is Dengue Fever & Its Symptoms?

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Monsoon is here and this is not only the season of long drive and road side chaats, but this season also brings with it the threat of water-borne diseases, diseases from insects, etc.

Monsoon is the breeding season of insects and pests; and mosquito is one of the most harmful of them all. A mosquito's bite can cause killer diseases such as malaria, dengue, encephalitis, etc.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease that is painful; and if not treated at an early stage, it can be very disastrous. What is dengue fever? How is dengue fever caused?

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What Is Dengue Fever

The mosquito, responsible for Dengue fever, is known as Aedes aegypti. Monsoon is the time when this type of mosquitoes increase in numbers and cause Dengue fever.

This disease is caused by the group of viruses that are spread by this special type of a mosquito. Dengue is also known as dandy fever or breakbone fever.

As the patients of dengue fever suffer from an excruciating pain in the muscle and joints, it is known as breakbone fever. Now, you know what dengue fever is, isn't it?

Usually, tropical and sub-tropical countries are the foreground of dengue. The countries like India, the Pacific Islands, Taiwan, Southern China, Mexico, the Caribbean Island, Africa and Central and South America are mainly at the danger zone.

If treated at an early stage, this disease is completely curable. But, any delay in the treatment can cause a major disaster, as it can even result in death. Precaution must be taken to stay safe.

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Never store water, as clean and stored water is the breeding ground of the dengue mosquitoes. Always use mosquito repellents and mosquito nets and keep your surroundings clean.

So, what are the symptoms of this disease? Well, read on to know more about the symptoms of this disease, here.


1. High Fever:

What is dengue fever? To know more about the fever, you should know that it means high fever. The temperature can go up to 106 degree Fahrenheit; and obviously, the patient will be unconscious due to such a high temperature of the body.


2. Severe Headache:

If you have an immense headache with high fever, it can be dengue. Though normal flu also causes headache, it is not so pricking. Here, the patients will feel like there is something thumping inside their heads.


3. Joint & Muscle Pain:

You know how dengue fever is caused; but do you know that it can give you serious muscle and joint pain? Sufferers have said that the unbearable pain in their muscles and every joint troubles them a lot.


4. Pain Behind The Eyes:

Now, this is one of the most important symptoms of dengue fever. The other symptoms, like high fever and headache, are common to other viral fevers. But, if someone is complaining of having an immense pain behind the eyes, then it is dengue for sure.


5. Skin Rash:

If you ask what are the symptoms of dengue fever, the most common answers you'd get are high fever and red skin rashes. These don't appear while patients only suffer from fever. Skin rashes appear after 5-6 days after the commencement of fever. These rashes are vital symptoms of dengue.


6. Bleeding:

Though it is a rare symptom, still it happens to some of the sufferers. Minor gum and nose bleeding can happen with high fever while suffering from dengue. This happens due to the decrease of platelet count and because blood can't form clots.


7. Nausea & Vomiting:

Persistent vomiting is another important symptom of dengue fever. As dengue drains water from the patients' body by repetitive vomiting, patients must have more water and fruit juices, so that their body doesn't get dehydrated.

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