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What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Underwear Daily?

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If your are clean, your chances of staying healthy increase. Well, what happens if you don't change your underwear daily? Is it healthy to wear it for more than a day? No, say health experts.

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Of course, we all know that it is disgusting to wear unclean underwear. But in this post, let us discuss what happens if we neglect hygiene near the privates.

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After a shower, you feel fresh and light. When you wear clean clothes, you can feel good and focus on your work. And when you are sweaty or dirty, you feel irritated. That is just one side effect. Read on to know what happens if you don't wear a clean underwear.


Itchy Sensation

Sweat and toxins that are released through the skin when coupled with moisture create an urge to scratch. And when bacteria or fungus breed on skin, you feel itchy. All of these are a result of dirt that is not cleansed. When you don't wash your underwear, the problem becomes worse.



A rash is nothing but your skin getting irritated with the microbes. Unwashed underwear may also cause rashes as small particles of fecal matter and discharges of your privates accumulate in them breeding bacteria.



Poor hygiene and wearing unclean underwear could also raise the risk of lice (in pubic hair), scabies and chaffing. So, wear a fresh underwear every day.


Foul Smell

Your private parts are home for microbes. Also, those areas need some fresh air. Your undergarments carry the discharges of genitals which smell bad. If you put your undy under a microscope after a day of wearing, you can see tons of bacteria and fecal matter on it. So, if you wear it twice, imagine the foul smell you carry.



When the moisture in the privates doesn't get dried up, bacteria start breeding over there. Also, it could cause yeast infection.



Unwashed underwear may contain lots of bacteria. When that bacteria is transferred to the privates, the risk of urinary tract infection may also increase.

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