What Causes Water Retention In The Body?

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The most typical reason for water retention is an excessive amount of salt in your diet. Too much salt in the diet can cause brief episodes of water retention. By lowering sodium content in the diet you can lessen your water retention, also known as oedema.

You must not totally reduce sodium, but keeping sodium consumption under control by avoiding unhealthy foods helps. An ordinary individual can include large or small amounts of salt in their diet without worrying about water retention, yet many people retain water more readily.

causes of water retention in the body

The removal of salt from the body is carried out by the kidneys. The kidneys have an excellent capacity to control the quantity of salt within the body by changing the quantity of salt eliminated in the urine.

The quantity of salt excreted by the kidneys is controlled by hormonal and physical factors that indicate whether retentiveness or removal of salt by the kidneys is needed.

causes of water retention in the body

When the blood circulation to the kidneys is reduced by an underlying condition like heart failure, the kidneys respond by retaining salt. This happens since the kidneys understand that the body needs more fluid to make up for the reduced flow of blood.

A renal failure that alters the function of the kidneys also triggers the body to retain salt. In both problems, the quantity of salt within the body increases, that causes the patient to retain water and develop oedema.

causes of water retention in the body

Individuals who experience a disturbance in their capability to typically excrete salt might need to be placed on an eating plan limited in salt, given a diuretic medicine or a natural complement like Capisette.

Also, they can reduce the quantity of salt that is to be used while cooking. One should also continue to drink the same quantity of water and fluids as usual. However, your physician can have you limit this amount if you start suffering from severe oedema.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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