Causes And Symptoms Of Swollen Eyelids

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Having trouble seeing due to an irritating swelling on your upper or lower eyelid? You might be suffering from a swollen eyelid. A swollen eyelid refers to an abnormally swollen or bloated eyelid. The eye becomes red due to a swollen eyelid and the affected individual experiences pain in the eyelids.

As a causative agent of a bloated eyelid, stye is an important one. Swollen eyelid disease causes much pain in the sufferer. In case there is a non painful swollen eyelid, allergies are the most noteworthy cause. In individuals with swollen eyelids allergy affects the capillary beds located under the skin.

Causes And Symptoms Of Swollen Eyelids

In case you have a swollen eyelid, fluid retention can be a major cause. People who suffer from fluid retention get up with bloated eyelids in the morning. In certain individuals with swollen eyelid, lumps appear on the eyelid. In several cases of swollen eyelids, kidney illnesses like nephrotic syndrome are discovered to be the cause.

The analysis of a swollen eyelid is mostly done with the help of physical observation. In suspected infectious cases of bloated eyelids the presence of bacteria or virus in the blood stream might be determined with the aid of blood tests along with other relevant medical examinations.

Causes And Symptoms Of Swollen Eyelids

In sufferers with bloated eyelids, redness is an extremely common symptom. Pain causes much discomfort in individuals with swollen eyelids and headaches further add to the suffering.

There is often an irritation on the skin flap over the eyes. In such cases, blurred eyesight is common. These people also end up suffering from influenza.

The treatment for swollen eyelids primarily aims at reducing the irritation and treating the pain along with other symptoms associated with the situation. For mild cases of swollen eyelid cold or hot compress might be very efficient.

Causes And Symptoms Of Swollen Eyelids

Washing the face with ice cold water every once in a while might be an efficient swollen eyelid cure. Applying cucumber slices over the eyes for a few minutes might be an extremely effective natural treatment for eyelid inflammation.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 4, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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