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What Actually Happens If You Wear A Bra 24/7 ?

By Debdatta Mazumder

Whatever dress you wear, the perfect inner wear can enhance your look. Therefore, it is very important to pick the right bra for you.

Many of you think wearing a small-sized bra can keep your breasts tighter for long. Also, ladies think that wearing a bra all the time is the right thing to do. However, both are wrong. Today, you’ll get to know 8 side effects of wearing a bra 24/7.

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What happens if you wear a bra throughout the day? How will you feel if someone ties you with a tight rope? Your breasts feel the same if you wear a bra all the time.

The skin of that body part can’t breathe and you can face skin problems too. So, if you go through these 8 side effects of wearing a bra 24/7, you’ll know how hideous this practice can be.

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After returning from work, when you change, you certainly feel relieved to open that tight inner wear right? You must have seen marks of hooks and elastics on your skin, especially when you wear a new one.

Now, this is what happens if you wear a bra throughout the day. So, here are 8 side effects of wearing a bra 24/7. Have a look and change your habit.


1. Breast Pain:

It is very common if you wear a bra all the time. It turns worse when you wear a wrong-sized bra. While buying your inner wear, give it a trial and then pay for it. Also, don't wear it always, as it can cause a severe breast pain.


2. Hampers Blood Circulation:

Your breasts, back and the lower portion of your chest are tied in a wired material, which constricts your pectoral muscle, hence hampering blood circulation to your breasts and arms. Also, the tight sports bra can damage your breast tissues if worn regularly.


3. Severe Back Pain:

Do you want to know what happens if you wear a bra throughout the day? Are you suffering from a sudden back pain? It may be your bra. If you wear a smaller bra all the time, it can create a maximum pressure on your rib cage, causing a pricking pain at your back.


4. Skin Irritation:

While looking for 8 side effects of wearing a bra 24/7, you can't ignore this fact. Wearing a bra always, especially while sleeping, means skin irritation, itching and redness. Also, the hooks can prick you and the straps can leave stretch marks on your skin.


5. Sagging Breast:

If you wear a loose bra always, your breasts may sag and may end up looking awful. So, it is better to find the right size and not to wear a bra always.


6. Hyperpigmentation:

If you wear a bra regularly, the hooks and straps will leave red marks at the beginning. If you don't stop it at once, you can have dark patches on your shoulder, back and on your breasts. This will look terrible if you want to wear an off-shoulder ever.


7. Destroys Your Posture:

It is very important to carry a right posture whenever you sit or stand publicly. If you continue to wear a wrong-sized bra all the time, you can't get rid of the back, neck and shoulder pain. Automatically, you will bend and that looks very awkward.


8. Enhances Growth Of Fungus:

To end the list of 8 side effects of wearing a bra 24/7, there is nothing best than this. Warm and moist places are a favourite ground for fungi to attack. By wearing a bra all the time, you are just making the ground for a fungus development ready.

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