Ladies: Be Aware Of These 10 Vaginal Problems That Can Strike You Anytime

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Women are busy taking care of their family, home and their work and in the meantime they forget to take care of themselves. The busy day-to-day activities keep them so occupied that their health becomes secondary.

They might be silently suffering from several health issues of which vaginal problem among women is one of the major silent killers. So what are the signs of vaginal infection? Or what do women do if they spot a lump around the vagina?

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So today in this article we will be discussing the different vaginal problems that can strike women anytime. Being aware of these signs and symptoms is very important so that one can take precautionary measures.

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Vagina-related health problems are most common among women in their reproductive age. If these symptoms are not taken care of on time then, it might lead to serious vaginal problems and this also increases the chances of infertility.

Here are a few of the common vaginal problems that can affect women anytime. Take a look.


1. Lumps Around Vagina:

If you feel some lump around the vulva and vaginal region, do not worry. It is nothing but a clogged gland which is quite common. It goes off on its own and can be treated by warm water. But if it hurts and pains then one needs to get it checked by a doctor.


2. Skin Cancer:

It might sound strange but yes you can find cases of skin cancer around your vagina. You could also have psoriasis affecting the vagina as well. This needs to be checked immediately.


3. Varicose Vein:

Few women develop varicose veins around the vulva. This occurs especially among pregnant women and also those who stand for long periods of time. Over a period of time it goes off on its own.


4.Clogged Hair Follicles:

Women can have clogged hair follices down there around the vagina. It appears reddish with bumps and some even have scars around them. This can be a result of shaving or due to uncomfortable clothes too. Warm compress works well for these conditions but if it continues for long, rush to the doctor immediately.


5. Dry Vagina:

A few women have the problem of vagina getting dry often. This is caused due to hormonal imbalance, usage of certain medications, chemotheray and stress. Bringing about a change in lifestyle helps get rid of this problem.


6. Fowl White Discharge:

When there is a bacterial growth in the vagina it starts emitting fowl smell. This is caused when there is an imbalance in the pH level in the body. Check it with a doctor if you are having this problem.


7. Blood Discharge That Is Not Periods:

If you notice blood discharge that is not periods then you need to be careful. A few women experience it while they are ovulating which could be normal. But when it occurs after intercourse then it needs to be checked immediately as this could signify some infection or could be a symptom of cervical cancer too.


8. Blisters Around Vagina:

If you feel that there are blisters around your vaginal area then it needs to be taken seriously. This could be caused by viruses live HPV.


9. Itchy Vagina:

An itchy vagina is caused by fungal and yeast infections. When the pH balance in the body gets disturbed due to certain factors like consumption of antibiotics, diabetes and wearing wet inner wears for long it leads to an itchy vagina.


10. Vaginal Pain:

Severe vaginal pain, especially during an intercourse can be dangerous. This could be a sign of infection or endometriosis. When the pain persists for long it needs to be checked immediately and treated before it gets too late.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 13:20 [IST]
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