What Does Brown Discharge Indicate?

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Your body cleanses itself on a regular basis and the same applies to even the privates. Vaginal discharge is nothing but a cleansing process that eliminates dead cells and bacteria.

It is a harmless process and in fact a very healthy process that keeps the environment clean down there. But in some cases, brown discharge could also mean something is wrong with your health.

So, let us discuss what it means in different situations. Read on...


End Of The Cycle

If you see brown discharge towards the end of the cycle then it could be old and dried out blood mixed with fresh blood. Dried out blood turns brown in colour.


Before The Cycle

It is normal to see brown discharge before the cycle begins. But if you are planning to get pregnant then consult a doctor as it could also indicate low levels of progesterone.


During The Cycle

If you experience brown discharge in the middle of the cycle, it could either indicate ovulation or hormonal issues.


During Pregnancy

In rare cases, brown discharge could also indicate pregnancy. Go for a test to confirm the same. Implantation could sometimes result in brown discharge.


Irregular Periods

In those whose periods are irregular, brown discharge could indicate the beginning of the periods.


Birth Control

Even birth control pills that interfere with the hormones may also be the reason behind brown discharge.


Wild Intercourse

In some cases, the friction during intercourse could result in brown discharge.


Other Reasons

Brown discharge could also be a sign of STD, cervical cancer, or a minor infection. It is better to consult a doctor to know the real reason.

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