7 Underwear Mistakes That Cause Vaginal Infections In Women

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If you are a woman who has been experiencing a lot of problems "down there" lately, then you could be making certain underwear mistakes that can lead to vaginal infections.

Infections of the vagina caused by microbes like bacteria and fungi can put a woman through quite an ordeal!

Infections or ailments of the vagina come with certain uncomfortable symptoms like itching, foul odour, discharge, etc., that can come in the way of a woman's daily activities.

The nether regions of a woman are prone to microbial infections, as they are moist most of the time and also they do not receive proper ventilation.

If a vaginal infection is not treated properly and if certain precautions are not taken, it can lead to a number of problems, ranging from urinary tract infections to uterine cancer!

Some of the most common causes for the development of a yeast infection are lack of hygiene, sexual contact with infected people, lowered immunity, etc.

In addition, there are a few underwear mistakes that can also lead to vaginal infections.

Have a look and avoid these mistakes!

1. Repeating Used Underwear

causes for vaginal infections

One of the main causes for the development of vaginal infections is because some of us have the nasty habit of repeating a used underwear for a couple of days! The fluids secreted onto the underwear makes for a great breeding ground of microbes, thereby causing infections.

2. Keeping The Underwear On After Workout

causes for vaginal infections

It is always best to take a shower and change the underwear after a workout because the sweat accumulated in your underwear can lead to vaginal infections.

3. Wearing Thongs Often

causes for vaginal infections

Thongs can be tighter compared to the regular underwear and they stick to your lady parts very closely, causing a lot of friction and consequent infections.

4. Picking Fancy Fabrics

causes for vaginal infections

If you wear underwear made from fabrics like lace, satin, etc., often, it can also lead to infection, as certain fabrics can irritate the sensitive skin of your vagina. Pick soft, cotton underwear for daily use.

5. Choosing The Wrong Size

causes for vaginal infections

If your underwear is too tight, it leaves lesser room for proper ventilation and may induce excessive sweating in your nether regions, causing vaginal infections.

6. Using The Wrong Detergents

causes for vaginal infections

It is important to use organic detergents with minimal chemicals and scents to wash your underwear, if you want to avoid irritation and infections in the vagina.

7. Exposing Them To Dust

causes for vaginal infections

Ensure that you keep your washed underwear inside your closet, in a separate bag. If you keep them outside, dust and microbes could get collected on them, further leading to vaginal infections.

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