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Traditional & Healthy Coolants To Shun The Summer Heat

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Summer is making us crazy and the soaring temperatures are literally killing the life out of us.

According to health experts, one must stay cool in the season no matter what. Increasing the fluid intake, consuming light food, and opting for fruits and vegetables are some of the most natural ways to beat the heat.

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On the other hand, sticking to traditional and healthy coolants is another option to make your body feel cool. Get rid of the steel and glass tumblers and make room for makta pots.

You can also stick to the original Japanese fan and of course the ceiling fan to avoid sweating. Likewise, there are few more traditional coolants, that we think you should take a look at.

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If you have a few more that you can think of, don't hesitate to share it with us in the comment box that is mentioned below. So, far we have 8 awesome traditional and healthy coolants to shun the summer heat, take a peek:


Matka Pots

Makta pots are extremely healthy to use in the summer season.Apart from cooling and absorbing impurities and toxins, these little pots which are used to store water and curd provide a sweet taste to food contained.



Vegetables provide a very rich amount of protein and nutrients to the body. Veggies like carrots, cucumber, drumstick should be added to your plate this summer. They aid in cooling and reducing body heat.



Fruits are one of the major foods you should not say no to this summer. Each fruit has a special quality which enables to keep the body cool and provide you with ample energy while you sweat it out.


Increase Your Water Intake:

Apart from removing the toxins from the body, water when consumed helps to make the body feel cool and provide excessive body heat. Water also aids in better digestion and avoids tummy problems.


Cooling Herbs:

Dandelion, a perennial herb, is a cooling herb used for digestive problems. So, make sure that you add this healthy herb to your plate this summer, as it is a natural and traditional coolant to feel cool.


The Bucket Water Trick:

Fill a bucket with cold water and ice cubes. Place a towel in the bucket where in half the towel is soaking in the bucket and the other half is hanging outside. This traditional coolant helps to bring down the high temperature in a room.


Clay Pot Storage:

The pot-in-pot fridge was a common and famous traditional coolant. Today, not many make use of it, though it is very helpful in storing all kinds of food items. Also known as the zeer pot, this method saves on a lot of electricity.


The Japanese Tradition:

It is the Japanese fan which helps you to beat the heat and get rid of the sweat trickling down your face. This traditional coolant is simply the best and it saves money on the pocket as well.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 28, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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