Top 7 Health Benefits Of Dandelion Root

By: Somya Ojha

Since centuries, dandelion root has been used worldwide for its healing and therapeutic abilities. Read on to discover the amazing ways in which dandelion root can affect your health and wellness.

Most people mistake it to be a weed, but trust us, when it comes to dandelion root, there is more than what meets the eye. Several studies have found that dandelion root is replete with powerful compounds that can effectively ward off several health issues.

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Mostly available in a tea form, this folk medicine has garnered a great deal of attention in the last few years for its health benefits, and one of them being its ability to prevent cancer.

Though there is no conclusive evidence regarding the same, researchers have been able to establish a strong link between dandelion root and cancerous cells.

So, today at Boldsky, we have assembled a list of ways in which dandelion root can benefit an individual's health. From treating infection to aiding better digestion, the root of dandelion flower can prove to be highly beneficial.

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Take a look at the top health benefits of dandelion root here.

Note: If you're suffering from a health condition, then we highly recommend you to consult your dietician before integrating anything new in your diet.


1. Aids Better Digestion

Dandelion root is packed with laxatives that play an instrumental role in promoting better digestion. Consuming it on a regular basis can keep digestion-related problems at bay. Just brew yourself a cup of fresh dandelion root tea to aid better digestion.


2. Detoxifies The Liver

Since ages, dandelion root is also referred to as a liver tonic. Mainly because the antioxidants present in it can effectively clear the accumulated toxins and impurities from your liver. So, for a natural detoxification, just include dandelion root in your diet.


3. Lowers High Blood Pressure

For people suffering from high blood pressure, dandelion root is known to be particularly effective in naturally bringing down the level of blood pressure. It is loaded with the essential compounds like potassium that can calm down your blood pressure level.


4. Regulates Blood Sugar

Another health benefit of dandelion root is that it can work like a charm for the people who suffer from diabetes. It acts as a potent remedy in regulating the insulin level, effectively keeps the level of blood sugar in control and prevents it from shooting off the roof.


5. Can Prevent Cancer

Certain compounds present in dandelion root can play a key role in keeping a life-threatening disease like cancer at bay. Though the scientific evidence is still inconclusive, there is no denying the fact that there is a strong link between cancer and dandelion root.


6. Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

The antibacterial abilities of dandelion root make it an ideal remedy for preventing unpleasant infections like urinary tract infections. Drink it in a tea form or add it to your food, either ways it can effectively keep infection-causing bacteria at bay.


7. Boosts Immune Function

Another incredible way in which dandelion root can benefit your health is by strengthening your immune system. The compounds present in it are known to boost up immunity and keep you safe from various infections.

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Story first published: Monday, October 17, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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