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Top Health Issues That Occur If We Continue Using Petroleum Jelly

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Petroleum jelly is used in various ingredients with the hope that it will do us good. Have you ever thought of the ill-effects of petroleum jelly on our health.

The side effects of petroleum jelly on our health is a much debated issue. As per research studies, it has been established that petroleum jelly is indeed a bad option for our health.

Petroleum jelly is the byproduct of oil refining process and is not at all eco-friendly. Further, long-term use of this product can lead to several health issues. Some studies also show that petroleum jelly contains some harmful chemicals.

So, if you want to know whether petroleum jelly is good or not, then this article has the answers for it. It is used widely with the belief that it will benefit our skin, but the fact is, it does more harm than good.

The harmful effects of petroleum jelly are aplenty and all that you need to do is read this article, so that you can ditch this harmful habit of using it as soon as possible and that too very often.

Continue reading to know more about the side effects of petroleum jelly.


1. Can Accumulate In Fat Tissues:

Petroleum jelly contains hydrocarbons that get accumulated in the fat tissues throughout the body. Since the skin cannot metabolise petroleum jelly, it acts as a barrier until it wears off.

Food consumption, air inhalation and dermal absorption can lead to contamination of the body due to the mineral oil hydrocarbons.

Further, studies suggest that hydrocarbons have the potential for long-term absorption and there is a tendency for breastfeeding mothers to pass this on to their babies.


2. Collagen Breakdown:

As petroleum jelly acts as a skin barrier, it may lead to collagen breakdown. Petroleum jelly blocks the natural ability of the skin to absorb essential nutrients and this slows down the process of skin renewal. This may end up in collagen breakdown and early wrinkles. This is one of the side effects of petroleum jelly on the skin.


3. Oestrogen Dominance:

One of the prominent side effects of petroleum jelly is the risk of oestrogen dominance. It causes a hormonal imbalance and a host of other health-related problems like menstrual problems, autoimmune problems, allergies, infertility and nutrient deficiency. Petroleum jelly is said to affect the hormone receptors in the body, thus triggering oestrogen dominance.


4. Lung Inflammation:

Products containing petroleum jelly also contain harmful chemicals like 1,4 dioxane, which are known to be cancer-promoting components. Inhaling small amounts of petroleum jelly can cause lipoid pneumonia and can also lead to severe lung inflammation.

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