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This Juice Can Prevent Urinary Infection

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A new study says that drinking cranberry juice regularly can prevent urinary infections in women. Also, this juice is said to minimise the necessity of the usage of antibiotics.

This Juice Can Prevent Urinary Infection

Urinary tract infection is nothing but infections that occur inside the urinary system. It could happen in the urethra, bladder or even your kidneys.

This Juice Can Prevent Urinary Infection2

This study claims that drinking 250ml of cranberry juice on a daily basis could reduce the risk of urinary infections by 40%.

This Juice Can Prevent Urinary Infection5

In women who are already suffering from urinary infections, drinking this juice could reduce their dependence on antibiotics, say researchers.

This Juice Can Prevent Urinary Infection6

Generally, many people use antibiotics to suppress the symptoms of urinary infections. Today, urinary infections have become very common in women all over the world.

This Juice Can Prevent Urinary Infection7

Generally, antibiotics are the first step taken by many women who suffer urinary infections. But the problem is, regular usage of antibiotics has developed resistance in the microorganisms.

This Juice Can Prevent Urinary Infection3

As cranberries have certain compounds that prevent the bacteria from spreading the infection, it is better to rely on cranberry juice instead of gulping in antibiotics.

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Consume a glass of its juice on a daily basis. After examining more than 350 women, researchers have come to the conclusion that cranberry juice can be a better alternative than overuse of antibiotics.

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