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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Medical Clay

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Have you heard of the multiple benefits of medical clay? This type of clay is indeed helpful and very powerful for the body.

Whether you consume it (may not be advisable, but edible) or apply it on to the body, it seeks to give you relief in many ways.

Medical clay, which is also known as bentonite clay, has been traditionally used for internal cleansing. It is a popular ingredient that has a high amount of detoxification abilities.

Medical clay can help you get rid of digestive problems, as it helps in reliving a troubled tummy and most of all, it boosts your immunity system, which is indeed a healthy benefit for the body.

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Since it is a detox tool, bentonite or medical clay is helpful for reducing dietary and environmental toxins as well.

The clay is so powerful that it helps in eradicating the fluoride from drinking water, thus making it pure for consumption too.

So, if you plan to test this medical clay, we think you should first be aware of what it can do for your health. Here are some of the health benefits of medical or bentonite clay, take a look:


Boosts The Immunity:

One of the powerful reasons why we think medical clay is healthy is because it has properties that act as a protective layer against agents, which are responsible for reducing the effectiveness of the immune system.


Combats Dietary Toxins:

Aflatoxin is a type of compound toxin produced by organisms that thrives on food crops. It is this toxin which interferes with the immune system, allowing you to fall ill. When medical clay is consumed, it acts upon the toxin and destroys it, thus improving your digestive system.


Makes Drinking Water Healthy:

The reason why you should make this medical clay a part of your life is because it aids in keeping you healthy. Experts state that medical clay, when mixed with magnesium chloride, helps in reducing the fluoride contained in water.


Helps You Battle Cancer:

The clay is rich in anti-carcinogenic properties which help prevent cancer. The medical clay cleans the cancer cells in the body too, which thereby helps in getting rid of the disease.


Reduces Body Heat:

Medical clay also has properties that help the body to remain cool in summer. It is often regarded as a refrigerant, which draws out the heat from the body, making you feel more relaxed and cool.


Promotes Wound Healing:

As mentioned earlier, medical clay is powerful on the skin and does miracles, since it is antiseptic and cicatrizing. When the clay is applied on to a wound, it heals the wound in no time, leaving behind no scar.


Good For The Tummy:

Medical clay is beneficial for the tummy. It can provide you relief from constipation, it will get rid of indigestion, it aids in promoting better digestion and, lastly, it prevents stomach ulcers.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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