Healthy Ears For Years With 10 Simple Steps

By: Niharika Choudhary
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It's said 'You hear from the ear but you listen from the heart.'

However, sometimes, I feel what if humans had the power of 'selective listening'? Wouldn't it be great if we could mentally turn up the volume when we'd want to listen to some beautiful voices, the sounds of laughter and giggles of our loved ones and people building castles of our praises?

Life would have been so bland and lifeless if we could not hear these amazing sounds around us.

Be it the loud sounds of the honking vehicles, chattering ladies, giggling kids or the bell of the last period in school or soothing sounds like that of a flowing river, chirping birds, rustling leaves or a loving whisper, they complete our life and indeed give a meaning to our being.

Have you ever thought how troubled your lives would be if you could not hear? There are many people around us with partial or permanent hearing disorders, where every day is a challenge for them.

Some common reasons for loss of hearing in people can either be inherited from their parents, some kind of an illness or medicine/drug reaction, or injury to the ear drum either due to some loud noise or improper techniques used to clean the ears.

Hence, today, we are sharing with you some of the ideas that can help you maintain the health of your ears. Have a look:


Your Doctor Knows You

Visit your ENT specialist every six months and get your ears diagnosed, followed up by a cleaning session. There are chances of bacterial growth and diseases due to improper cleanliness over the months. Make sure you visit an ENT specialist best in his craft.


Tricks From Your Grandma's Diary

Remember your childhood days when your grandma would put oil in your ears to clean them and the wax would flow out with the oil? Put some drops of oil or certified ear drops every fortnight to easily clean your ears and remove the ear wax.


Use Ear Buds

No matter how bad the itching is, do not use sharp or pointed objects like pencils, clips, tongs, etc, to clean your ears. Make sure you always use a cotton ear bud to clean the ear wax. Moisten or lubricate the ear bud before using.


Do Not Enter The Ear Canal

We all love the relaxation while cleaning our ears, but always be careful to only clean the outer ear canal. Getting too deep into the inner canal might increase the risk of an injury to your inner drum. Remember, Wax is formed only in the inner canal not the outer one. Any small mistake could lead you to hearing disorders.


Clean Your Ears After A Bath

The best time to clean your ears is after you take a bath, since your ears are already moistened and wet, it's easy to pull out the wet wax with the help of an ear bud; however, do not do it every day and clean up once in a week.


Be Very Gentle

Always be very attentive to your surroundings while you clean your ears. Make sure your are sitting or standing in a clutter-free space. Do not react to sudden noises. Be very gentle when you push the ear bud inside and do make sure that it does not enter the inner canal of the ear.


Do Not Share

Avoid sharing the same ear phones no matter how close the person is to you. You never know what kind of an ear disorder or a bacterial growth the other person is suffering with, sharing the same ear phones might put you to a risk of the same disease.


Avoid Loud Music

Do not listen to loud music for more than two hours, as it might cause injury to your ear drum. Avoid noisy places with loud noises. You can try wearing ear plugs or ear caps in extreme noisy conditions and spaces.


No Smoking

There have been cases where extreme smoking or doping has lead to the loss of hearing. Any medicinal reaction might also lead to deafness. Hence, it is best to quit that smoke right now!


Swimmer's Ear Condition

Swimmer's ear condition is a condition when water gets inside your ear and leads to a bacterial growth that might injure your ear drums and lead to partial or permanent hearing deficiency.
So, make sure to consult an ENT specialist in case you find any such disturbances bothering you.

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Story first published: Friday, February 19, 2016, 17:02 [IST]
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