Are You Staying In Delhi And Worried About The Air Pollution?These 10 Ayurvedic Ingredients Helps

By: Shubham Ghosh

We have all seen and read how bad the air quality in Delhi has become. Though the situation in Delhi is too bad, roughly life in all big Indian cities has become vulnerable to the threat called air pollution, which leaves a detrimental impact on our health, especially our lungs.

It becomes particularly dangerous for children. But given our lifelong connection to a city and other reasons, it is not always possible to leave the base even after facing such a menace. How to deal with the problem then?

Ayurveda comes very handy in such a situation. The natural ingredients can be utilized to improve the conditions at your home and survive the threat. Here are 10 such Ayurvedic products that can be used to fight the problem of air pollution:


1. Tulsi:

A great natural agent which absorbs pollution. Plant tulsi plants in your house to absorb pollutants from air besides drinking juice of tulsi leaves regularly to clean up the respiratory tracts.


2. Neem:

Make the full use of neem which absorbs pollutants and reduces their effects. Wash your hair and skin with neem leaves boiled in water and also eat three to four leaves at least two times a week. It will wash your skin externally and purify blood internally.


3. Haritaki:

Take haritaki with jaggery before going to sleep and in the morning to get rid of phlegm caused by pollution-related inflammation.


4. Pippali:

An essential herb which helps in having clear breathing and reducing lung infection. Make a concoction of pippali powder and ginger, turmeric, honey (all less than half a teaspoon) and warm water and gulp down. Take this for all days of a week but don't give this to children.


5. Triphala:

Take one tablespoon of triphala with honey in the night and boost your immunity.


6. Eucalyptus or peppermint oil:

Take steam with a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil two times a day.


7. Ghee:

Ghee is very helpful in reducing accumulation of toxic effects of metals like lead and mercury. Consume homemade ghee daily and you can also put drops of ghee in your nostrils every morning to curb the effects of pollution.


8. Onion juice and jaggery:

Have this together to get relief from both dry and wet cough.


9. Ghrit kumari:

It is capable of cleaning organic by-products like benzene, formaldehyde, etc. It is known to be one of the best natural agents for air purification.


10. Turmeric:

Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with one tablespoon of ghee or honey and take this on an empty stomach in the morning. Turmeric helps in treating infections in the respiratory and circulatory systems and cures respiratory ailments like bronchitis.

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