10 Ageing Myths That No One Tells You!

By: Sneha A
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When it comes to getting old, everybody has a certain set of perceptions and, unfortunately, most of us have a negative approach towards ageing.

For example, some of the very common stereotypes that people have in mind regarding growing old are being alone, being dependent on others, inability to perform simple tasks, etc.

Luckily, such myths about ageing are being debunked by the researchers. After all, how can we conclude about what will happen after years from today, unless and until we actually reach at that point of time.

I agree that the change we are talking about is not a very comfortable one. It throws new challenges and issues for one to deal with like health problems.

These are not very exciting to deal with, but still they are not as bad as they have been portrayed and a lot of them have been exaggerated.

To break these negative stereotypes, here are 10 ageing myths no one tells you about, check them out:


1. Ageing Means Always Being Sick

Absolutely not! Yes there are physiological changes in the body and the health has to become a priority but that does not mean that you are constantly unwell and tired. With a healthy diet involving nutritional supplements and proper exercise regime, to keep your immunity system strong, you can easily stay healthy.


You’re Old, Hence You’re Set In Your Ways:

Against the common notion studies have shown that older people tend to have higher mental resilience. They can get over adverse conditions, fix the wrong ones and adapt to new ones as well.


You Will Definitely Have Weaker Bones, Aching Joints:

The truth is it is the sedentary lifestyle and not exercising that gets your joints to become weak and achy.


Ageing Curbs Your Libido:

Sexual desire might reduce a bit but even that happens mostly at the age of 70 .For others decline in libido is often a result of other medical conditions like high BP, diabetes, depression etc. Some simple exercises can sort this out.


Growing Old Reduces Your Need To Sleep

Here again your sleeping hours need not be reduced but the sleeping pattern might.


Loneliness Is Inevitable:

Some older people prefer live more in solitude but that does not mean they are lonely. On the other hand some of them might have jobs and social groups just like normal young people it's just that their activities and past time may differ


Old Age Will Deteriorate Your Brain Power:

It is often considered that all older people suffer from dementia, depression and so on. This again is not true. The power of the brain remains fine and they can learn newer skills and improve on the older ones.


Old People Are Not Very Competent

Physical limitations do not affect intellect and hence this again is a big myth.


Eating Habits Need Not Be Changed:

You might follow a very healthy regime today but in your older years this will have to change. Dietary needs change with the change in the stages of life.


Consequences Of Ageing Are Unavoidable

This is extremely exaggerated. Yes some changes are irrevocable but with a healthy lifestyle you can definitely minimize the effects of old age.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 6, 2016, 8:02 [IST]
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