Tap On These 10 Areas & Get Instant Relief From Pain & Stress!

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Did you know that hitting on certain areas of the body can help relieve us from pain, stress and anxiety? Yes, this one of the best self-help methods and can be done anywhere, at anytime, when you suffer from pain or irritation due to stress. Tapping to relieve pain has been in practice for many years.

In this article, we will give you an insight of the areas you need to tap and why. Tapping to relieve pain and anxiety is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

It is a sort of reprogramming technique of the body/brain or emotions. This method is incomplete with just tapping. It also involves repeating a phrase out loud, while you tap. Sounds confusing? Read further to understand this concept more clearly.

Finger tapping to relieve stress is a sort of self-help psychology that is coupled with acupressure. This technique is known to address your concerns that affect your mind or body. Well, you wouldn't require a help to perform this and that is exactly the best part.

Read further to get benefited from this amazing technique of finger tapping.


1. Tap The Outside Of Your Hand:

You need to first state your problem and tap the outside of your hand. Say out your problem aloud, and touch the fleshy outer edge of your little finger, using the fingers of your other hand. Repeat your statement three times loud.


2. Eyebrow Tapping:

Place your finger on your eyebrow over the inner edge. Tap that area while saying about your feelings. Tap that area for 10 seconds.


3. Tap Outside The Eye Corner:

Place your finger on the outside corner of the eye, under the eyebrow hair. Then, express your feelings. Tapping to relieve pain and stress is one of the best methods ever and accompanied with your ranting, it will make you feel better instantly.


4. Tap The Bone Under Eye:

Tap the bone under your eye, while saying your statement aloud. Repeat it for 10 times. The statement may either be 'I can do it', I'm tired', or 'I'm awesome'.


5. Tap The Area Below Nose:

Tapping to relieve pain and anxiety will give you a beautiful feeling and make you feel better. Here, you need to tap the area below your nose and above you lips. Remember to repeat your statement while doing so.


6. Tap Your Chin:

Tap your chin crease for 10 seconds and express your feelings verbally.


7. Tap The Collarbone:

Tap the collarbone on either side of your body for 10 seconds. Repeat the statement while doing so.


8. Tap Under Your Arm:

Tap the area which is two inches below the armpit. This type of tapping for stress and anxiety can be repeated whenever you feel like. Also, repeat the statement while doing so.


9. Tap The Head Crown:

Tap the crown of the head with your fingers and express the cause of your stress while doing so. This is the best known tapping method to relieve pain due to stress and anxiety.


10. Breath Deeply:

To end the tapping method to relieve stress, this is the most mandatory step after tapping any part of the body. You must finally take a very deep breath and exhale.

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Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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