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Swollen Vagina: Causes & Symptoms


A swollen vagina could be a cause of concern as it could also be a sign of some other serious issue which might need medical help.

Swelling could accompany irritation, redness, pain, sores, and blisters and also discharge of fluids. In some cases, foul smell could accompany the discharge and some even complain of painful sensation while passing urine.


It is better to stop using soaps, avoid scratching, wear comfortable clothes and consult a doctor. Now, here are some of the reasons...


Lack Of Hygiene

In some cases, lack of cleanliness could cause bacterial growth around the privates. This could cause inflammation and itching.


Rough Intercourse

Even rough intercourse could result in inflammation, bleeding and swelling. In such cases, it could heal itself if further rupture isn't done for a few days.



In some cases, inflammation could also cause buildup of fluids in the vaginal tissues. This could result in a swollen vagina and discharge of fluids.



Some beauty products that contain chemicals that don't suit your sensitive skin may first cause irritation and then swelling. Itching and other allergic reactions may also follow in such cases. It is better to stop using the product immediately.



Certain STDs may also cause inflammation in and around the privates. As microbes worsen the condition around the vagina, swelling could occur.



In some cases, even hormonal fluctuations could also cause the problem. Those fluctuations could increase the levels of discharge and thereby cause swelling.



There is a condition known as vulvovaginitis which is caused by cysts. This condition could result in itching sensation, pain, vaginal discharge and swelling too.



Microbes like fungus, bacteria and viruses need ideal conditions to breed. As the areas around the privates are generally wet or moist, microbes breed and cause infections.

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