7 Surprising Signs Of Low Blood Pressure You Must Not Ignore

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Our body has a way of warning us about potential diseases or ailments by showing certain signs and symptoms. Did you know that when you have low blood pressure your body may show certain specific signs?

Yes, nature has designed the human body to send warnings in the form of signs and symptoms when there is a threat of certain diseases.

However, many a times, people do not pay attention to these symptoms, as they can be quite subtle.

So, they do not treat the diseases in time, causing the diseases to progress, until it gets quite complicated!

So, each one of us must keep a close check on our health and watch out for minor symptoms and also educate ourselves about various diseases!

Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is a condition in which the blood pressure in the body is below the normal rate of 90/60.

Low blood pressure can be caused by various reasons like hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, thyroid problem, depression, chronic fatigue, heat stroke, heart ailments, etc.

So, here are a few surprising signs of low blood pressure you must never ignore, have a look!

1. Dizziness

symptoms of low blood pressure

Although dizziness can be associated with many ailments, it is also a sign of low blood pressure. If you experience dizziness often, get your blood pressure checked.

2. Lack Of Concentration

symptoms of low blood pressure

Another sign of low blood pressure is loss of concentration, as the oxygen supply to your brain gets reduced if you are suffering from low blood pressure.

3. Dehydration

symptoms of low blood pressure

If you often experience dehydration, get tested for hypotension, as hypotension can lead to the loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body.

4. Blurred Vision

symptoms of low blood pressure

Yet another dangerous sign of low blood pressure can be blurred vision, and in extreme cases, untreated hypotension can also cause a permanent blurred vision!

5. Clammy Skin

symptoms of low blood pressure

People suffering from low blood pressure often experience cold, clammy skin, as the blood is not distributed evenly to all parts of the body.

6. Palpitations

symptoms of low blood pressure

Another sign of low blood pressure can be palpitations or a rapid heart rate, as the heart has to work extra harder to pump blood when the blood pressure is low.

7. Fatigue

symptoms of low blood pressure

Many people take constant fatigue too lightly; however, it can also be a symptom of low blood pressure and it has to be checked by a health care professional.

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Story first published: Friday, November 4, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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