Careful! You Can Get AIDS By These Surprising Causes!

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Isn't it true that most of us would have assumed that AIDS, one of the deadliest diseases, is usually only spread by engaging in sexual intercourse with an infected person? Well, did you know that there are a few surprising causes for AIDS?

The minute we hear the words AIDS or HIV, we tend to get goosebumps, as it is a fatal disease with no cure!

And the irony is that it can be spread while indulging in one of the most pleasurable activities known to mankind - sexual intercourse!

Like many other ailments, HIV does not depend on diet, lifestyle habits, etc., which are under our control.

One wrong move, that is, indulging in unprotected sex with an infected person, even for a few minutes, can seal your fate for good!

Apart from the fact that AIDS has no known cure yet, the symptoms of this disease are quite devastating and can put a person through living hell!

So, here are a few surprising ways in which a person can get AIDS, have a look and avoid these at any cost!

1. Oral Sex

causes for AIDS

Many people feel that AIDS can only be spread through unprotected genital sex; however, if the infected person has an open wound in his/her mouth and indulges in oral sex, there is a possibility of the other person being affected by HIV as well!

2. Kissing

causes for AIDS

Although the chances are very low, if both partners have cuts or open wounds in their mouths and one of them has AIDS, when they indulge in kissing and exchange saliva, the other person can get infected.

3. Unhygienic Doctors

causes for AIDS

Yes! If the doctors perform medical procedures using intravenous medical tools, like needles, surgical knives, certain dental tools, etc., that are used before on people infected with AIDS, then you could be at a high risk too!

4. Tattoos And Piercings

causes for AIDS

It is always important to ensure that your tattoo artist uses new needles while giving you a tattoo, as used needles can put you at the risk of developing AIDS and other diseases. The same precaution must be taken while getting a piercing.

5. Sharing Razors

causes for AIDS

Sharing items like razors, toothbrushes, etc., with an infected person, unwittingly, can also lead to AIDS, if these items may contain small amounts of blood from the infected person, which can get into an open wound in your body.

6. Mosquito Bite

causes for AIDS

Although the chances of mosquito bite spreading HIV is extremely low, as the HIV cannot survive in a mosquito's body, it is possible in rare cases, if the virus is strong enough to survive for a few hours!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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