Relation Between Mental and Heart Health

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Researchers have found out that there is a relation between mental illnesses and heart diseases. Mental illnesses have become closely linked with coronary heart diseases. Mental ailments and heart ailments are two leading causes for disability in an individual.

The signs of mental diseases like tiredness, loss of interest in work and processes, loss of appetite, weight decrease and uneasiness interfere with the regular functioning of the heart thereby leading to heart troubles.

Relation Between Mental and Heart Health

Mental disorders and heart problems might lead to severe illnesses and death. It has been confirmed that risks of heart ailments is two to six times more common in patients having mental illnesses.

Signs of depression should not be confused with signs of cardiac failure or myocardial infarction. There is an assortment of mechanisms which link stress and melancholy with heart disease.

Relation Between Mental and Heart Health

Depression and nervousness produce high levels of stress hormones, thus affecting the body's metabolic process. Mental diseases often have been seen to cause high blood pressure in individuals. High blood pressure for a prolonged period of time has been seen to cause heart failures.

Mental illnesses thus should be treated under the supervision of qualified professionals.
Exercise is the best possible way to improve mental wellness plus it can slow down the dangers of coronary disease.

It may prove to be beneficial for individuals with the history of heart issues. Exercise relieves stress, fortifies muscles, gives confidence and fortifies the cardiovascular system.

Relation Between Mental and Heart Health

The diagnosis of coronary disease in relation to mental illnesses is a wakeup call alerting you to see your very own habits that could be harmful or worsen the disease.

Psychosocial factors like stress, depression, nervousness along with other mental disorders are the strongest risk factors associated with heart diseases compared to other health defects.

Hence to have a healthy and good heart, along with a good diet and regular exercise, check whether you are suffering from the symptoms of mental disorders. If so, get professional help immediately.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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