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These Myths About Sunglasses Can Ruin Your Eyes!

Most of us love to sport stylish sunglasses, either for the protection or sometimes, just to look trendy! Did you know that there are certain myths about sunglasses you should never believe in, if you want to avoid eye damage?

These days, the minute we step out our houses during the day, we see people, especially young people, flaunting their fancy sunglasses, right?

Sporting sunglasses has now become more of a fashion trend than an accessory that is used to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

As we know, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be extremely dangerous to the human tissues and cells.

When exposed to the UV rays for a long time, without using any kind of a protection, it can cause skin damage, dark spots, sunburn, eye damage and damage to the tissues in various parts of the body.

As our eyes are extremely delicate organs, we need to ensure that they are kept safe from the UV rays and dust, for which we need to use sunglasses in a proper way.

Here are a few myths on sunglasses that can ruin your eyes, if followed, have a look and avoid them!

1. "Expensive Shades Are Better"

More than the price factor, one should check if the sunglasses are providing 100 percent protection from the UVA and UVB rays. Check the labels before buying a pair.

2. "Size Is Not Important"

Many people prefer style over size, when it comes to sunglasses. However, experts opine that shades with bigger lens are better, as they do not allow a lot of light to hit your eyes.

3. "Scratches Are Alright"

When there are scratches on the lens of your shades, you tend to strain your eyes for a better vision, looking through the cracks; but, this can also damage your vision.

4. "Colour Of The Lens Is Important"

The colour of the lens, be it grey, blue, etc., is completely left to your choice, as it does not really have an impact on the UV protection factor.

5. "All Sunglasses Are Anti-Glare"

Only the shades with polarised lens are anti-glare. So, regular sunglasses provide no protection whatsoever from the reflected light and can harm your eyes in the long run.

6. "Low-Quality Sunglasses Are Okay"

It is a fact that most of us would want to save money; however, when it comes to sunglasses, it is better to buy the ones with a better quality, as low-end shades may not give your eyes a good protection.

7. "Darker Lens Offer More Protection"

The tint or colour of the lens has nothing to do with the amount of UVA protection that is offered by the sunglasses.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 12:00 [IST]