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Link Between Gum Disease And Breast Cancer


A recent study claims that women who have reached their menopause stage and are suffering from any kind of gum diseases have higher chances of suffering breast cancer too. Researchers are still studying the link between gum disease and breast cancer.

Currently, researchers opine that the bacteria that is present in the mouth may also start affecting the breast tissues if they get into the circulatory system. In fact, periodontal disease is also linked with diabetes, stroke, pancreatic cancer and heart issues.

That is the reason why researchers were interested to study the link between gum disease and breast cancer. More than 70,000 women have been studied and most of them have crossed the phase of menopause.

The study proved that the risk of suffering breast cancer may increase at least by 15% in those who suffer gum diseases.

As this study has showed a clear link, researchers advise women to focus more on dental hygiene and other health issues especially after they cross menopause.

Dealing with certain issues requires a healthy lifestyle. Oral hygiene is generally taken lightly by most of us and this study is an alarming alert. Not only breast cancer, but there are so many other health issues which arise when oral hygiene is ignored.

Therefore, scientists recommend frequent visits to the dentist apart from maintaining a daily oral hygiene routine.

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