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Issues Urologists Can Help Women With

By Super Admin

You might think that urologists are specialized to treat only the diseases related to the male reproductive organs. This is not true. A number of urologists are devoted to the study of issues and problems related to women. Here are some of the areas in which urologists can help women:

  • If there is a pain in the general pelvic region, and it is a non-gynaecologic issue, urologists can be of help. Urologists find the cause for these symptoms. They can be due to chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis or even colon cancer.
  • Urologists can help you with diagnosing whether the conditions that you have are due to urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases. Emergency departments often misdiagnose these symptoms and end up providing wrong medications.
  • Urologists can help you with finding out the actual reason behind sexual dysfunction: whether it is depression, stress, certain medications, or low levels of oestrogen and testosterone and offer treatment accordingly in the form of medications or therapy.
  • Urinary continence may be caused by menopause, obesity, hysterectomy, late pregnancy, urinary tract infections, constipation, chronic cough, etc. Urologists can help women treat urinary incontinence with various types of nerve stimulation, medications and pelvic floor physical therapy.
  • Many women have an overactive bladder. For treating this issue, urologists can help you with collagen implants, electrical stimulation therapy, minimally invasive surgery and medication.
  • Urologists can also help you with the detection and treatment of kidney stones. They advise people with kidney stones to stay hydrated and be physically active.
  • When you have difficulty in peeing or pooping, irritated vaginal tissues, or pain during conjugation, it can be due to pelvic organ prolapse - common in women after pregnancy or menopause. Urologists can help you in the treatment with either surgery, a vaginal pessary or pelvic floor therapy.
  • After menopause, due to the declining levels of oestrogen, issues related to the vagina, pelvic floor, bladder, etc. crop up. Urologists can help treat these symptoms with vaginal replacement oestrogen, lactobacillus, antibiotics and cranberry extract supplements.
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