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How Will I Know If I Have An Abnormal Uterus?

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Most women consider bringing another life into this world as one of the greatest moments of their lives.

So, as soon as they are ready, women are very keen to conceive and start a family.

In these times, where infertility issues are on the rise, the process of waiting to get pregnant is usually filled with a lot of fear and anxiety.

Optimum health of the mother is one of the main requirements that is needed to conceive a baby.

If a mother is not healthy enough, getting pregnant can become all the more difficult. There are many reasons as to why a woman cannot conceive.

Infertility, unhealthy body weight, infections in the blood, smoking, excessive drinking, genetic abnormalities, unhealthy lifestyle, etc, are some of the reasons.

Another common reason for a woman to experience difficulties in getting pregnant is if she has an abnormal uterus.

This condition may also create health complications during pregnancy and child-birth, if she conceives.

abnormal uterus health risks

What Is An Abnormal Uterus?

Uterus is a pear-shaped reproductive organ in a woman that is situated near the pelvic region. In some women, the uterus differs from the normal shape and size, this condition is known as uterine malformation.

The symptoms of having an abnormal uterus can include prolonged menstrual bleeding, infertility, pain, recurrent abortions, etc. In many cases, women do not even realise that they have this abnormality.

There are a few types of uterine abnormalities that are classified based on the shape of the abnormal uterus. A uterus that is smaller compared to the normal size and has only one fallopian tube is called the unicornuate uterus.

If the uterus is not its usual pear-shape and is more heart-shaped, then it is called bicornuate uterus.

abnormal uterus health risks

Can I Conceive If I Have An Abnormal Uterus?

Women with uterine malformations worry that they may never be able to conceive due to their defect. But, experts opine that getting pregnant should not be too difficult, unless the extent of the abnormality is too much.

However, there are certain complications that may be experienced by the women with an abnormal uterus, which can range from infertility to miscarriages, premature births and early breaking of the amniotic fluid.

Most complications during pregnancy arise because an abnormal uterus would be weak and may not be able to hold the foetus for the whole term of nine months in many cases. In such cases, doctors advice a C-section to prevent the potential risks during child-birth.

It is very important for women with uterine malformations to be strong and hopeful about their pregnancies. They should consult a gynaecologist and make regular appointments to see them, if they are trying to conceive. If they are already pregnant, constant professional monitoring is required.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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