Want To Know How Your Height Affects Your Health? Read This!

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Are you a person who is really short, very tall or have an average height? Well, normally, people feel that height has got more to do with appearance, rather than health. Did you know that our height can affect our health in various ways?

Height is a completely subjective trait and people come with different heights, although generally, men tend to be taller than women, apart from isolated cases.

The height of a person also depends largely on heredity, race, gender, nutrition, etc.

For example, average Caucasians tend to be taller than the average Indians. Or if both your parents are very short, chances are the you will grow up to be short too.

When it comes to their height, people never usually think that it can be linked to their health.

However, several research studies have found that the height of a person can affect his/her health in both positive and negative ways, depending on the measurements.

So, if you are curious to know how your height affects your health, read along!

1. Tall - Lower Risk Of Heart Diseases

how does height affect health

A research study has found that one of the health benefits of being over 5'8, is that such people have a lowered risk of heart diseases, when compared to people who are below 5'3!

2. Tall - Lower Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

how does height affect health

In women who are taller compared to the average height, the risk of type 2 diabetes is known to be lower, according to a study.

3. Tall - Higher Risk Of Cancer

how does height affect health

A recent survey has shown that the risk of cancer is higher in taller people, especially in women, leading to cancers like breast cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancers, etc.

4. Short - Lesser Risk Of Blood Clots

how does height affect health

The health benefit of being short is having a lower risk of developing blood clots, especially if you are under 5'3, as your heart does not have to pump blood to longer distances.

5. Short - Risky Pregnancy

how does height affect health

A research study has found that women who are under 5'2 are more likely to experience complications during pregnancy and their risk of getting gestational diabetes is also higher.

6. Tall - Lower Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease 

how does height affect health

Another health benefit of being tall is that men who are more than 5'10 (women who are over 5'7) are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease compared to men who are shorter than 5'8 (women below 5'1). according to a study.

7. Short - Higher Risk Of Stroke

how does height affect health

Another research study has found that people who are below the average height, are more likely to be affected by paralysis stroke.

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