10 Reasons Why You Should Add Black Salt To Your Food

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Black salt isn't just an add on to garnish your salad or egg, it can also be used in your daily food. And you will be amazed to know about its innumerable health benefits. After knowing this fact, probably the next time you go to buy your groceries you will make it a point to get a packet of black salt.

Today in this article we will be explaining the reasons why you should add black salt to your food and the health benefits that come along with it.

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Popularly known as kala namak, black salt is believed to have originated in the Himalayan ranges. It is filled with sulfurous components and is rich in iron and other essential minerals too. It appears to be black in colour, but when it is grinded it will have that pinkish colour which is due to the presence of iron in it.

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Compared to white salt the sodium content in black salt is considerably low, which is why even doctors prescribe this black salt for those suffering from high blood pressure.

The amazing health benefits of black salt are explained here. Take a look.


1. Helps Cure Constipation:

Adding black salt to your daily meals helps in improving digestion. This in turn helps in curing constipation and stomach bloating as well.


2. Weight Loss:

The sodium content in black salt is way low than white salt. This is one of the reasons why black salt aids in weight loss. All that one needs to do is add it to the daily food.


3. Helps Prevent Cholesterol:

Since ancient times black salt is known to help in preventing cholesterol. Making use of this black salt in one's daily food helps. It is also known as one of the best anti-obesity ingredients.


4. Helps Treat Joint Disorders:

Take a bit of black salt in a cloth, wrap it up and then heat it in a pan. Once it becomes hot, place it on the affected area on the joint and then press it. Keep it for a few minutes, reheat it and then keep doing this twice a day till you get relief.


5. Helps Cure Acidity:

When the acid level in the body increases it leads to acidity. In order to stabilize this the body requires an alkaline substance. There is no better option than black salt in such a condition.


6. Helps Cure Respiratory Problems:

Several studies have concluded that black salt helps in curing respiratory problems. Those suffering from breathing problem due to a clogged nose can put a bit of black salt in an inhaler and then inhale it.


7. Helps Treat Muscle Cramps:

Black salt is not just rich in potassium content, it also helps the body to absorb potassium, thus preventing muscle pain and cramps.


8. Diabetes:

Having black salt as a part of your daily diet helps in maintaining the insulin level in the body. This has been one effective remedy to control the sugar level and prevent diabetes.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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