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4 Common Habits That Make Your Yeast Infection Worse!

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Ladies, do you dread getting an yeast infection, that can make you feel itchy and uncomfortable down there? Well, if yes, then avoiding certain common everyday habits can prevent yeast infections!

Yeast infections are rather a common condition seen in most women, in which the woman's vagina is affected by bacteria or fungus, causing a number of undesirable symptoms!

Some of the main causes for an yeast infection in the vagina can be lack of hygiene, diabetes, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, consuming lots of sugary foods, stress, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

how to reduce yeast infection

When there is an imbalance of the healthy bacteria that is lining the walls of the vagina, it can lead to an yeast infection.

Some of the major symptoms of an yeast infection are burning sensation, itching, white discharge, foul odour, pain during intercourse, rashes, sores, etc.

If left untreated for a long time, yeast infection can get complicated and may lead to serious conditions like cervical cancer and infertility in some women.

So, here are a few common habits that you must avoid, on a daily basis, if you want to prevent yeast infections, have a look!

1. Wearing Tight Pants

If you want to prevent yeast infections naturally, avoid wearing tight pants and skinny jeans on a daily basis, as tight pants obstruct the flow of fresh air to the vagina, causing more moistness in the vagina, thus allowing bacteria to grow more easily, leading to yeast infection and irritation.

how to reduce yeast infection

2. Using Feminine Hygiene Products

In order to prevent yeast infections naturally, you must avoid washing or cleaning your vagina with feminine hygiene products like douches, sprays, etc, as these products may contain harmful chemicals that may cause dryness in your vagina, leading to yeast infections.

3. Wearing The Wrong Underwear

To prevent yeast infections in the vagina, you must avoid wearing underwear made from synthetic, lace, satin, etc, on a daily basis, as these fabrics may cause irritation that may lead to an yeast infection, wearing cotton underwear that is clean is advised.

how to reduce yeast infection

4. Eating Sugary Foods

Experts opine that eating foods that are high in sugar content can disturb the natural pH balance of your vagina and also make way for bacterial growth, leading to an yeast infection!

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