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Habits That Cause Ageing

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Free radicals are produced as a natural consequence of the body's metabolic process, but a number of elements cause free radicals to be overproduced. The reason antioxidants are getting so much attention now is because it is their job to counteract these free radicals before they may do their damage, thus eliminating the main causes of all degenerative diseases.

Our diet is the most important factor that can cause ageing. If you are in the habit of consuming food that is high in fat and carbohydrates and unhealthy foods which are high in pesticides, you will age faster.

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habits that cause aging

If you regularly consume huge quantities of meat, high-fat milk, poor fats like margarine and vegetable oils, sugar and white flour, you will age faster. These food types are often low in antioxidant content and lead to an overproduction of free radicals. Along with low nutritional content, these lead to a heightened generation of free radicals within your body.

Do you on a regular basis drink alcohol? Alcohol depletes the body of anti-oxidants and causes free radical formation. Do you eat foods that are fried frequently? A high-fat diet may significantly increase the level of oxidative stress in your system. The more fat you eat, the more free radicals the body generates.

habits that cause aging

This is one of the reasons why heart problems and cancer, two problems associated with free radical harm, are most common in individuals who consume high-fat diets. Thus bad food choices make you age faster.

habits that cause aging

If you do not sleep properly, you will not only age faster, you will also develop certain diseases like cancer and also put on weight. If you are stressed out all the time, it will make you age faster and you will also feel that you have aged much faster.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, it will make you age faster. That is why it is necessary to exercise in order to stay young and healthy.

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