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Get Your Teeth Straight With Dental Veneers Or Laminates


Are your teeth crooked with gaps in between along with some tooth stains? Do need to attend a family function or your wedding is nearing and you need to have the best of looks?

So, how do you get rid of this crooked teeth gap and tooth stains in a short span of time?

Earlier, the only way out was to cover the tooth with a crown. But, today, there has been so much advancement in technology that finding quick and accurate solutions to the problem is easy.

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Among the newer techniques that have come up for treating crooked teeth gaps and tooth stains, dental veneers or laminates seem to be the best procedure.

These dental veneers or laminates are very thin, custom-made shells that are tooth-coloured materials.

best way to treat gaps in teeth

They are specifically designed to cover the front surface of the teeth and thereby improve the physical appearance of the teeth. This treatment in fact gives a kind of confidence to those who have received it.

The dental veneers or laminates can be used to restore a single tooth or even multiple teeth, which may have worn down, broken, chipped or have stains.

These can be set right and the gaps can be concealed or the crooked teeth can even be made to look straight.

Dental veneers are made from porcelain or resin composite materials. Porcelain veneers resist stains better than resin veneers and better mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth.

One of the best advantages of using veneers is that, prior to the procedure, they do not require much of shaping unlike in tooth crowns.

best way to treat gaps in teeth

The veneers have a lifespan of about 5-10 years, after which they need to be replaced.

Yet another material used is a lumineer.

Lumineers are tooth-coloured materials that are very thin but relatively are made of strong porcelain.

The main advantage of these lumineers is that only a little part of the natural tooth is removed before placing the lumineer in.

Therefore, the thin dental veneers are one of the best options to be used, especially for ageing patients whose teeth are worn out, as this requires very less preparation for placing the veneers.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 5, 2016, 10:45 [IST]
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