Eat These Foods To Recover Quickly After A Surgery

Surgery, whether big or small, can have an impact on your body, so it is necessary to take care of the body after the surgery.

In order to be fully functional and be hale and hearty again, we need the right amount of nutrients in the body.

Consuming the right kind of food also helps in speeding up the healing process and helps in reducing any swelling or discomfort that you may be experiencing after the surgery.

Taking food items full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals can help our body to recuperate faster.

Consuming food rich in proteins such as dairy products or nuts can help the body to replenish all the nutrients and get back to our normal selves faster.

So, here are 8 foods that should be on your list to consume after a surgery.


1. Food With Fibrous Content

After the surgery, it is important to include food items that are rich in fibrous content. Food items such as chapatti and wheat breads are a good source of fibres.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of fibres as well. Apart from the fibre, they are also rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. Including more fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits in your diet will help you in recovering fast after the illness. Foods rich in fibrous content also help in relieving of the constipation problem that is experienced by the patients after a surgery.


2. Foods Rich In Proteins

We need foods rich in proteins, as they help us in healing the injury faster and also support the early regeneration of the tissues. Protein-rich food such as paneer, legumes, chicken, etc., gives you the much needed strength after the surgery. Other food items such as nuts, eggs and tofu are also great sources of proteins and should be taken after the surgery.


3. Foods Rich In Healthy Fats

We need foods rich in healthy fats to strengthen the immune system after the surgery. Fats also help in giving us energy after the surgery. Consuming good fats such as nuts, olive oil, ghee, etc., in limited quality helps in the better absorption of vitamins in our body.


4. Foods Rich In Antioxidants

After the surgery, it is necessary to consume foods rich in antioxidants to curb the harmful effects of free radicals that are released during the surgery. Food items such as berries, citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, carrots, green tea, etc., are good sources of antioxidants and should be consumed before and after the surgery to minimise harmful effects of the surgery.


5. Gut-strengthening Foods

Antibiotics are normally given after the surgery to reduce the harmful effects of the surgery. But it plays havoc with the protective bacteria in our gut, thereby affecting the immunity. Fermented foods, dahi, legumes, vinergar, etc., are great sources of gut-strengthening food items.


6. Hydrating Food Items

Water helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the body well hydrated after the surgery. Consuming fruits such as watermelon and drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day can help hydrate the body well.


7. Foods Rich In Minerals

Foods rich in minerals can help in healing the wounds of a surgery faster and also help in strengthening the muscles after the surgery. Eggs, sea food, beans and more are good sources of minerals.


8. Easily Digestible Foods

Immediately after the surgery, our digestive system is not too strong and hence it is not advisable to consume foods rich in masalas or food items which are hard to digest. Food items such as khichri, sago and daliya are some of the examples of easily digestible food items.

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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