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5 Medical Check-ups To Test Before Getting Married


When you pass a certain age in life, there are certain tests both men and women should undertake. If you are looking at marriage in the near future, these medical health check-ups are a must, as they help determine if you are actually healthy and ready to take this big step ahead in life.

According to medical experts, it is necessary for couples to take these 5 tests at least once in a year or 6 months once before they walk down the aisle.

The diseases or the medical problems that are mentioned on the list are curable and treatment is available in all forms, so there is around 80 to 90 per cent of chances in getting rid of the health problem if there is one.

Now, experts state that the sole reason behind most of these health issues faced by couples is due to stress. The change in lifestyle too plays a havoc in our life and with stress accompanying it, the health issue doubles up.

In some cases, women and men will not even be aware of what is happening to their body. Therefore, with the help of these simple 5 medical tests, it will help determine whether you are actually healthy or not.

So, ladies and gentlemen, get yourself an appointment and get these medical check-ups done immediately:

Age Test: Marrying too early and marrying too late, both can cause a lot of health problems in a couple. When you marry too early, there is a chance of the woman suffering from an ovarian cancer if she has a baby too quickly. However, on the other hand, marrying too late and getting pregnant after 35 years can give rise to a lot of health complications and deformities in the unborn child. The age gap between the couple should be less than 5 years.

Infertility Test: This is one of the major concerns of couples in the recent history. Couples who are not able to bear a child after 2-3 years of trying to get pregnant are considered to be infertile. Before getting married, the man and woman have to take the desired tests to check the sperm level and the health of the ovaries.

STD Test: Diseases like Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, Chancroid, etc, are called sexually transmitted diseases, and they are spread through sexual contact with two or more partners. So, if your partner has had a lot of relationships in the past or if you have had a lot of past physical relationships, getting a STD medical check-up done is a must.

Blood-disorder Tests: Blood disorders or diseases can cause the death of a child in a few hours. Blood borne diseases include Haemophilia and Thalassemia. On the other hand, according to an expert, if a Rh-negative [such as A (-ve)] woman marries to a Rh-positive man [such as A (+ve) or B (+ve)], there will be Rh Incompatibility in the second child that can be fatal. So, blood tests need to be checked before getting married.

Genetic Tests: Genetic diseases can be passed on from one generation to the other. If you or your partner is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, etc, there is a high possibility that your off spring can get it too. So, before getting married, it is necessary to get a medical test done and know the medical background of the family as well.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 6:30 [IST]
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