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Facts About Ringworms That You Should Be Aware

Posted By: Staff

Ringworm is a fungal infection that's extremely common in human beings today.

Otherwise known by researchers as dermatophytosis, infection is dominantly found on the skin tissue along with other bodily parts like the crotch area, scalp and even the nails and feet.

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A fundamental attribute related to ringworm infection is the appearance of circular marks on the skin, though latest dermatological researches related to the infection have shown that often this isn't always the case.

facts about ringworms

We should bear in mind that despite the fact that ringworm is an additional fungal infection, which has little serious problems to human beings, if it isn't treated rapidly, the infection may in fact cause both psychological and physical suffering.

What are the elementary signs of ringworm infections in humans? Probably the most easily noticeable hints that one can have about the infection is certainly appearance of circular marks on the skin.

facts about ringworms

Nevertheless, as a subject of caution, it must be said that the circular marks do not necessarily mean that one has a ringworm infection and it's sensible to consider other possible symptoms like continued skin discomfort and itching.

Ringworm infections are predisposed towards any human being, no matter what age, although it's very profound in kids and teenagers.

facts about ringworms

The main reasons for this dreaded skin infection is principally the skin fungi that's found in particular types of yeasts, molds and fungi.

It's not surprising that parts of the disease-causing fungi can be located on the dead layer of the skin, which consist of the keratin proteins.

Skin fungi is transmittable from human to human or from animals to humans. Therefore, we should be careful when dealing with contaminated individuals or animals to prevent the spread.

facts about ringworms

Treatment of ringworm infections in humans has become possible and is even more convectional. Among the popular solutions getting used to cure the illness, it is a topical anti-fungal treatment that's offered in hospitals or on the counter.

The infection may occur repeatedly and managing the main cause of a ringworm infection is to avoid contact with the skin fungi.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 20:45 [IST]
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