Milk Is Good For Health But Drinking It Too Much Can Also Lead To Serious Health Disorders

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Milk is good for our health we all know. It has a number of essential nutrients which is good for our teeth and bones. A few glasses of milk a day will give the necessary three cups of dairy but overconsumption of milk can also have a number of side-effects.
Here are some of them:


1.Digestive disorder:

A lot of people are intolerant towards lactose which means their body can not break down lactose or the primary sugar in milk. This can lead to gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain and nausea. This symptom can vary from person to person but if you are suffering from lactose intolerance, it is better to cut down on the milk intake.


2.Increase in weight:

If you are picking your glass of milk from the whole-fat components, you could add excess calories to your diet leading to increase in weight. While whole milk gives 149 calories a cup, skim milk has just 90 calories. So, you can switch to skim milk if drinking too much of fat milk is adversely affecting your weight.


3.Causes allergy:

Allergy towards milk is also another reason why we should avoid drinking it excessively. Symptoms of milk allergy include coughing, stomach upset, vomiting, etc. The symptoms start showing up minutes within consuming milk or even after a few hours, depending from person to person. In some cases, milk allergy can even lead to life-threatening condition like anaphylactic reaction.


4.Other findings:

Studies have said that women who drink too much milk have a high risk of getting affected by cardiovascular disease and cancer, compared to those who drink less. In fact, the possibility of their death also increases by far. Men, too, have similar risks. Though these are not well concluded findings but yet some link is definitely there, the scientists said. The increased intake of sugar because of high consumption of milk could make it fatal, scientists have said.


5.Harmful for bones:

Research has also shown that drinking too much milk increases the chance of broken bone in women though milk is seen to be an agent that makes our bone strong. Too much of milk doesn't seem to protect the bones and makes them vulnerable instead.


6.Hindrance in absorbing iron:

Consumption of milk can affect absorption of iron and reduce the effectiveness of the vital nutrient in our body. This is particularly a serious problem in children. Too much drinking of milk can make them iron-deficient and anemic. While infants should not be given cow milk, children aged below five should not have more than three 0r fewer servings of eight ounce a day.

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