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Does Hormone Deficiency Cause Fatigue

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About seventy five percent of women around the age of forty experience severe fatigue and sleep deprivation before they hit menopause. This is because of hormone deficiency. This leads to lack of energy, poor sleep patterns and continuous bouts of fatigue. Hence, hormone deficiency causes fatigue.

This in turn leads to weight gain, poor concentration, memory lapses, low productivity, low motivational levels and anxiety. One important gland that regulates a number of activities in our body and the improper functioning of which will cause fatigue is the thyroid gland.

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does hormone deficiency cause fatigue

The thyroid is an important player in the entire endocrine system and regulates metabolic processes, growth, puberty, tissue functions and moods. It does this by secreting thyroid hormones which modulate the speed at which the body's chemicals function.

It modulates the basal metabolism speed, the temperature of the body and appetite. It encourages protein activity, increases lipolysis, modulates levels of cholesterol, encourages proper cardiac function and encourages normal growth in the foetus and babies.

does hormone deficiency cause fatigue

It encourages normal neuron function in adults, improves the nervous system, encourages body and skeletal growth, encourages progression of muscles and muscle function and modulates standards for female reproduction and lactation.

does hormone deficiency cause fatigue

Thus we see that malfunctioning of the thyroid gland can lead to the total malfunctioning of the body and this will definitely cause fatigue. When you have an under active thyroid, your body lacks the energy to function and when you have an overactive thyroid gland, you burn out.

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Hence, it becomes essential to keep our thyroid healthy and in proper functioning condition in order to prevent fatigue. The thyroid gland produces two most significant thyroid hormones, the thyroxin and triiodothyronine. These are available from iodine that is obtained from a diet of sea food and salt.

does hormone deficiency cause fatigue

However, if you suffer from severe bouts of fatigue over a period of time, make sure to get all your hormone levels tested to find out the exact cause of fatigue. With proper medication, diet and exercises, fatigue can be combated.

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Story first published: Sunday, August 21, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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