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7 Signs That Show You Have Calcium Deficiency

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Adequate level of calcium is imperative for the proper functioning of bones, muscles and nerves.

On the other hand, lack of calcium in the body makes it more susceptible to developing health problems like osteoporosis, low bone density, etc.

In a few severe cases, it can also lead to fatal health problems like heart disease, arthritis, etc.

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Low level of calcium is the most common cause of weak bones and teeth in people. This occurs when your body extracts the mineral from the bones and other organs, as a result of inadequate level of calcium.

This vital mineral plays an instrumental role in maintaining healthy bones and strong muscles. It shields the body from harmful bacteria that cause infections and it also transports nutrients to your cells.

Medically, known as hypocalcaemia, low level of calcium in the blood can prevent your body from functioning optimally.

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Over the years, the number of people suffering from calcium deficiency has increased to a great extent. More and more people rely on supplements to load their bodies with calcium.

Hence, it is crucial to know about the symptoms that indicate calcium deficiency, as early detection is always ideal to be able to deal with an issue.

So, read on to find out more about the signs that show your body lacks calcium.


1. Muscle Spasms:

Muscle spasms are one of the strongest signs that you're body lacks calcium. Spasms, followed by cramps or ache, are always an indication of low calcium level in the body.


2. Memory Loss:

Lack of calcium in the body can lead to memory loss. This happens because a low level of calcium in the body adversely affects the functioning of the nervous system.


3. Numbness Or Tingling:

People who lack calcium in their bodies often complain of numbness or tingling in the fingertips or areas near the mouth. This occurs because low level of calcium makes nerves and muscles fragile and easily excitable.


4. Depression:

Deficiency of calcium can take a toll on an individual's mental health. Low level of calcium is also linked to depression and anxious thoughts in a person.


5. Fatigue:

Inadequacy of calcium in a body affects the mental and physical health of a person. People suffering from calcium deficiency are more likely to feel acute fatigue and they fall sick every now and then.


6. Weak And Brittle Nails:

This is an age-old method of detecting lack of calcium in a person's body. Low calcium level leads to a weakening of the nails. They become highly fragile and more prone to peeling and breaking, if they don't have adequate levels of calcium in them.


7. Loss Of Appetite:

People suffering from calcium deficiency have often complained of nausea and loss of appetite. Feeling full despite of not eating should never be taken lightly, as it could be a symptom of an underlying cause.

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