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Does Coffee Affect Endurance?

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Does coffee affect endurance? A recent study reveals that caffeine can boost performance in athletic activities. As we all know, coffee can be a good source of caffeine. This study primarily focused on the ergogenic benefits of coffee.

Does Coffee Affect Endurance- Coffee

As a part of the study, researchers closely studied nearly 600 scholarly notes. Researchers considered the results of various studies which measured the dosage of caffeine and how it improved endurance.

Does Coffee Affect Endurance- Running

Various participants were allowed to consume coffee. Soon after the consumption, they were allowed to participate in athletic activities like running and cycling. Also, the participants were allowed to intensely workout and their endurance levels were measured during the process.

This study proved that there is noticeable effect of caffeine on the endurance levels of the participants. In some participants, the endurance levels were nearly 20% more than their actual performance levels.

Does Coffee Affect Endurance

This study will surely help some athletes as coffee is one of the most affordable beverages and when it boosts performance, runners and cyclists can rely a bit on it without getting addicted to it.

Does Coffee Affect Endurance- Woman

In fact, this study also cleared many doubts. Many sports people rely on caffeine pills or energy drinks that contain caffeine but researchers claim that a cup of coffee is safer than all those expensive and unsafe alternatives.

When you can power yourself a bit with just a cup of coffee, why spoil health and spend money on such pills or drinks which may harm your system in the long run?

Does Coffee Affect Endurance- Cycling

Also, too much of coffee is also not good as that might spoil your sleep patterns and make you feel restless and groggy. As sports people require enough sleep to recover well, restricting coffee consumption to just a cup is the key here.

So, drink a cup of coffee just before your endurance activity and limit your consumption to only a cup to derive the benefits and keep the side effects at bay.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 6:05 [IST]
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