Common Things At Your House That Can Cause Thyroid Disorder!

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Many a times, we do not realise that the presence of certain things around us can cause a lot of harm to our health. Did you know that a few common things in our homes can cause thyroid disorders?

Yes, normally, most people are under the impression that thyroid is a disorder that is solely caused by the imbalance of hormones in the body.

While it is true that the main causative factor for thyroid disorder is hormonal imbalance, there are certain lifestyle practices, habits and even a few things around us that can trigger those hormonal abnormalities in our body, causing the hormones to go haywire.

Thyroid disease, in simple terms, can be described as the malfunction of the thyroid gland, which is located in the back of our neck.

There are various types of thyroid related diseases, such as, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiter, thyroiditis and thyroid cancer.

So, here are a few common things at our home, that could be causing thyroid diseases; have a look.

1. Dental Floss

causes for thyroid

Causes for thyroid can be using dental floss, which are coated with certain chemicals to make it easier for tooth cleaning. These chemicals can trigger thyroid disease.

2. Non-Stick Cookware

causes for thyroid

Many people use non-stick pots and pans for cooking. Some of the non-stick utensils are coated with chemicals, to make cooking easier. These chemicals can cause thyroid related hormonal imbalance.

3. Raincoats

causes for thyroid

Causes for thyroid can be raincoats from certain companies that use chemicals during the making of raincoats. If these chemicals come in contact with your mouth or skin, you can be at a risk of getting thyroid diseases.

4. Pizza Boxes

causes for thyroid

Many companies use chemicals to coat pizza boxes to prevent the grease from leaking out, so these chemicals can trigger thyroid related hormonal imbalances in the body.

5. Popcorn Bags

causes for thyroid

Common habits that cause thyroid is using microwaveable popcorn bags to prepare popcorn, as these popcorn bags contain harmful chemicals that can affect your thyroid gland.

6. Carpets

causes for thyroid

If your carpet contains dust particles and other toxins, as it is not cleaned on a regular basis, it could be one of the causes for thyroid diseases.

7. Shampoo

causes for thyroid

If your shampoo contains chemical ingredients beginning with the word 'perfluoro', avoid using it, as it can trigger thyroid diseases!

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