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Do Orgasms Save Men From Cancer?

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A new study says that men who have frequent orgasms tend to reduce their chances of suffering prostate cancer. Though researchers are not yet clear about how both are linked, they are hopeful that future studies may throw more light on this area.

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One theory behind this is that regular ejaculations may increase the chances of flushing out certain cancer causing agents. Also, when new cells are produced after sperm is ejaculated, the buildup of old cells and cancerous cells can be flushed out. The prostate is located near the man's privates. It produces a fluid that gets combined with the sperm.

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As a part of the study, researchers observed nearly 30,000 men above 45 years. The results claim that those who ejaculated more than 30 times a month successfully minimized their risk of cancer by at least 20%.


They Relieve Stress

Now, there is enough evidence that says that orgasms relieve stress and make you feel relaxed. As stress is unhealthy, it is better to keep it at bay by relying on romance.


They Boost Your Focus Levels

Yes, that is the power of an orgasm. When you are done with your act, you will be able to focus intensely on your work as your cognitive levels get a boost after the act.


They Can Cure Insomnia

There is enough evidence that says that men tend to sleep much better after the act. As insomnia leads to many health issues, men can now rely on better methods to sleep well instead of getting addicted to alcohol.


They Prevent Depression

A recent study claims that men who have an active bed life tend to reduce their risk of suffering depression. As romance boosts the mood, you may keep depression at bay with active romantic life.


They Act Like a Painkiller!

Another study says that orgasms can also act like pain killers. In fact, even those who suffer from arthritis are said to feel relieved for some time after an orgasm, if studies are to be believed.


They Enhance Longevity

Many studies have already proved that active bed life prolongs a man's lifespan. Men with an active reproductive system tend to stay longer and healthier.


They Keep You Young

As orgasms keep you happy and release some feel good chemicals, you tend to look bright, happy and younger than your age if you frequently enjoy that joy that nature has give you.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 6:04 [IST]
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