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Amazing Health Benefits Of Basil Seeds During Ramzan

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The holy month of Ramzan is here, and this calls for a month-long fasting for people among the Muslim community from across the globe.

Fasting from sunrise till the dusk and then eating food at odd hours, one would naturally tend to feel dehydrated and weak.

Change in the food timings and lifestyle, all at once, for a month can definitely take a toll on those who are weak and feeble. It also tends to affect their day-to-day activities.

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So, how to cope up with this change in lifestyle? Having the right kind of food that is healthy and nutritious is one among the several ways in which you could keep up the energy and stay hydrated during the holy month of Ramzan.

Basil seeds, also known as "sabja" or "tukmaria seeds", are black in colour that are collected from the sweet basil plants. In most cases, these seeds are soaked in water and are taken, and in a few cases, they can also be taken with milk.

Few people have it in the form of seeds by adding it in salads, yogurts and soups.

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Of all the foods, basil seeds is a must-have food to be had during the month of Ramzan, as these seeds are loaded with fibre, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins.

This helps keep up the energy, gives a cooling effect to the body and also keeps it hydrated.

Today at Boldsky, we bring to you amazing health benefits of having basil seeds during Ramzan. Have a look:

1. Helps Increase Body Immunity:
Basil seeds are rich in flavonoids; and this helps increase the immunity level of the body. During this time, many would turn weak due to the constrained food intake. Basil seeds can be mixed with water; when it forms a jelly-like texture, it can be consumed. It can also be taken in the form of seeds with fruits and other juices.

amazing health benefits of basil seeds

2.Helps Relieve Acidity And Constipation:
During the Ramzan time, having acidity and constipation is quite common among most of them who are fasting. Basil seeds have a cooling effect on the stomach. A teaspoon of basil seeds can be added to a cup of milk and then taken. This helps in providing a great relief from acidity. The change in the food habit and timings can cause constipation to many during Ramzan. Hence, having basil seeds along with a cup of milk helps in maintaining a proper bowel movement.

amazing health benefits of basil seeds

3. Provides A Cooling Effect And Hydrates The Body:
Basil seeds have excellent cooling properties. They absorb body heat and give an instant cooling effect to the body. They can be taken in the form of seeds by adding to other juices or fruits. They can also be taken in a liquid form, for this you'll need to soak the basil seeds in water for sometime, when it forms a jelly-like texture, you could drink this mixture. This gives an excellent cooling effect to the body and keeps you hydrated for long.

amazing health benefits of basil seeds

4. Suppresses Appetite:
Soak the basil seeds and have it as you break the fast and then give a gap of about 15-20 minutes before you take your meal. This will help prevent overeating and will also give you a feeling of fullness for a long period of time. It can be taken by adding the seeds to yogurt, fruits or juices. You could also drink the jelly-like basil seed mixture to suppress your appetite, thereby avoiding binge-eating or over-eating.

amazing health benefits of basil seeds
Story first published: Thursday, June 16, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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