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If You Often Fail To Concentrate, Watch Out For These 5 Factors & Ways To Fix Them

Posted By: Staff

In today's world, we don't really have to suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to lose concentration on what we do.

There are so many distracting factors around that stop us from focusing. In this article, we will identify some of those concentration killers and how to fix the issue:


1. Social Media: The biggest distraction of this age. Earlier, when TV was seen as the biggest culprit in a household, the adults did not allow the children to view programmes beyond a certain time, so that their concentration on studies didn't get hampered.

But today, thanks to the mobile gadgets, distraction chases us something which the old TV set couldn't. And social media has emerged particularly distracting for it allows an easy access and messes our concentration into other important tasks.

Each status update derails our train of thought and affects the work that we are doing.

How To Fix It: Avoid logging into social media accounts while you are doing some serious work. If you really are compelled, do it during breaks. If it still bothers you, work offine. Shun internet access for a few hours.


2. Mobile Phones: The ringtone of the mobile phone or a message alert is perhaps the worst distraction caused during work. An odd loan offer from a phone banker can cause a serious disruption to the work you are doing.

How To Fix It: Either put your phone in a silent or do-not-disturb mode. You can also use a caller ID to see who's calling and avoid unnecessary calls. You can also let the calls to the voicemail and check all together later.


3. Doing Too Many Works Together: It is a simple logic that our brain can concentrate on one work at a time. So, in case you are multitasking, you might feel satisfied that you are saving a lot of time; but actually you are not being able to do either of the tasks properly. Even talking over the mobile phone while driving or walking in a busy street is a dangerous multitasking.

How To Fix It: Give up the risk of making mistakes in all the work that you are doing. Prioritise work instead and do the less important ones later.

4. Too Many E-mails: Mails popping up every now or then informing you about a new e-mail reaching your inbox can be distractions, even if they are related to the work you are doing. Getting trapped in an e-mail thread hampers the progress of your work.

How To Fix It: Do not check mails continuously. Set aside a specific time for only checking and replying to them. If the work in hand is extremely important, shut your e-mail programme and finish off the work first. If somebody is trying to contact you and doesn't get a reply over e-mail, he/she would find some other way to reach you.


5. If You Are Too Stressed: If you have constantly been working and are feeling stressed out, it is quite normal that you will lose focus. Added problems like headaches, tight muscles, etc., will also make you less productive.

How To Fix It: Get familiar with stress-relieving procedures like yoga or exercise. Meditation is particularly helpful in dealing with stressful thoughts and it improves your focus.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 8:30 [IST]
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