Why It Is Important To Urinate After Sex

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A healthy relationship between a husband and wife starts with a healthy sexual life. Couples not enjoying a healthy sexual life may have problems in their relationship, as they don't get time for intimacy. It is important for both the partners to maintain a healthy and hygienic reproductive system for a healthy sexual life.

You must know that your partners genital health may influence your health also. If your partners genitals are infected, you can also get infected with the same kind of an infection. Hence, it is important to clean your private parts before having an intercourse.

Most females get infected with urinary tract infections and the most common reason is that it is transmitted through your partner. Since, in males, the sperm (semen) flows through the same path from where the urine flows, it may carry many urinary infections that can be easily transmitted to the female partner as well.

Read on the article to find out why it is important to urinate after sex in females.

urinating after sex

Urinating After Sex
It is very important for the female partner to urinate immediately after a sexual intercourse, as it flushes out the infections that can enter into your reproductive tract after the intercourse. Since, in males, there is a common path for both urine and semen flow, it can carry the urinary infections that can enter the female reproductive tract.

urinating after sex

Washing Of Vagina After Sex
The importance of hygiene after sex must be taken care of to protect yourself from infections. Not only urine infections, but many serious infections can also find their way into the body through a sexual intercourse. The use of condoms is always advisable that protects both the partners from sexually transmitted diseases. However, if you are not using the same then maintaining a proper hygiene is very important.

urinating after sex

Why Males Have Less Chances Of An Infection From Females
In case of females, urethra and the reproductive track are separate, so the chances of an infection to the male partner is less. Both the partners must wash their genitals well before and after a sexual intercourse to prevent the transmission of any infections. Females should also urinate after sex to flush out the infections through the urine.

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