Why Watching Horror Movies Alone Is Dangerous?

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Most of us get a thrill when we watch a hair raising and spine chilling horror movie. But health experts concluded watching such movies may curdle blood.

When your body undergoes extreme fear, your blood curdles and this is not good for your health. When you watch a scary film, your body undergoes fear and this may result in clotting of blood.

Watching Horror Movies Alone

As a part of this study, nearly 25 people around the age of 30 years were examined. Some of them were asked to watch scary movies first and normal movies later. The rest were asked to watch normal movies first and scary movies next.

Before each participant watched each movie, blood samples were collected and the same was done after watching the movie. The samples showed clots which are a result of fear.

Watching Horror Movies Alone- Cemetry

When the participants watched horror movies, their blood samples showed more clots whereas when they watched normal movies, their samples were normal.

Researchers concluded that fear can lead to coagulation. Health experts recommend watching content that uplifts spirits instead of watching content that scares.

Watching Horror Movies Alone-Ghost

Scary content is unhealthy as the health effects of blood curdling could be disastrous. Though most of us love getting that thrill occasionally, after crossing a particular age, it is unnecessary to seek such cheap pleasures.

Activities which boost feel good chemicals and make you feel happy are always better compared to activities that scare you and freeze your blood.

Watching Horror Movies Alone- Bhoot

In fact, that is the reason why children are generally kept away from watching scary movies. In fact, some content can literally cause shock when watched alone.

So, watching horror movies alone could be a very dangerous thing for your health and now that this research concluded its health effects, it is better to watch positive content.

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